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Today is Wednesday September 22nd 1999

Art work has been coming in, thank you all. Keep in mind that this is a free service. If you have art to sell we will show here at no cost to the artist!

World-Wired-Wheels Art Gallery Basement: Where the mind's gears turn.  Plan: Get some tables, track-lights, 3-D software, etc.  Set up a buffet & Champagne area for the grand opening. Get a coffee maker for visitors during construction, maybe we need a new computer or  our own server?   Do you know about gallery lighting?  Do you know of an artist that would fit in here? We would appreciate knowing about them, Link:

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The below art work,  by wheelchair users, is being hung here in the basement until we get the main floor of the gallery finished, and,  until we get permission from these artists to use.

Dick Rogers

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Kiki (detail)
Chuck Close

We're still sitting around drinking coffee on this cold gray day,  not quite deciding yet just what to do next, and discussing how to set this gallery up.  Anyone interested in sponsoring this gallery? You would have free rein in the design, layout, and presentation of the Gallery. Notes: we are considering at this time to place the gallery's location in San Francisco, or New York, Honolulu?

Not all art work comes in the form of painting, sculpture, and photography. We would like to introduce you to a piece of art that exists in the cyber-world in the form of expression of communication. We really do enjoy this artists unique and original form of expressing what he is passionate about. Link

The art of Count Crippula

Mobility for the postmodern world

Wheelchair junkie n. pl wheelchair junkies (1923) I slang  a. a wheelchair user  b. a person who derives inordinate pleasure from the mobility of a wheelchair   c. a wheelchair junk dealer.
-Count Cripula, Your Humble Host and Quad Superstar

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