New Films by and about Paraplegics
August 20th  1999

Tree, Return to Life

Back home after a crippling accident, a paraplegic reads poetry to a big maple tree.  He pedals a sophisticated hand cycle over hill and dale taking photographs of animals, trees, flowers, and insects in an effort to "fill the frame with images of little things that reflect the big." Poetry, heightened by natures beauties and varieties, help to motivate this man. No web site but information can be acquired at Edwards Films, Inc. 203 Center Road, Eagle Bridge, NY 12057, 518-677-5720

Walk This Way: Chris Sheridan, a paraplegic, has made a short film of himself and his chair.

The Chariot Races: A documentary film about paraplegic off-road wheelchair racer John Davis.

The Wheelchair in the Movies: The Paralinks Cripmovie page.  Hundreds of movie titles.