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Gary Schooley
Paraplegic of 20 years has been editing Paralinks for four years as a labor of love and service to the SCI community.

Greetings and Aloha! 6.18.00

These are exciting busy and energetic times for Paralinks. We are in a growth spurt that has us rolling around with heads spinning talking on the phone reading and writing lots of email and, intense brainstorming. One thing a business needs besides the busyness or the venture itself, is capital. We recently committed ourselves to putting up more of our own money to get this stage of growth moving at a steady pace. We are seeking outside assistance in the form of partners, folks who would like to be part of Paralinks. I am ready to step down as the OMO (One Man Operation) which Paralinks has been for the past four years. If you think that you might want to be a partner, email me with your ideas and or proposals.  Gary Schooley 

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Previous editorials
January 12th 2000

Twentieth Anniversary 

Greetings! Well here we are in a new century, one that began on a smooth note and has the promise of a good year. I fell asleep about 11PM and was woken up by firecrackers at midnight. I noticed that the street lights were on and went back to sleep with a sigh of relief-- it was not the end of the world as some folks predicted.

I want to welcome Sit Down Comic and Musician, Slick Trenier, and Contributing Writers Mark Hanaway and William Graur to Paralinks. These guys are very creative and express themselves well. 

October 29th 1999 was the  20th anniversary of my life on a wheelchair. To tell the truth I didn't celebrate--I actually forgot the date until a few days ago. During those first few months in the hospital, I never dreamed that I would even be alive twenty years later, let alone being in great health and great physical condition. 

What it took to be in good shape now, at my age, after 20 years on a chair, was a positive outlook (most of the time), exercise, and good eating and drinking habits. If you are newly injured and wonder about your future, keep in mind that you do indeed create your own future. Respect your body, and always try to maintain a positive outlook, no matter how hard that is to do sometimes, it'll pay off in the long run.

My thanks to you for being a visitor to Paralinks. Ideas and suggestions are always appreciated. 
--Gary Schooley

November 10th 1999

Greetings and good morning! My body energized! I just returned from the nearby Olympic size pool where I have been swimming for the past six months. I have a routine down now and am getting a good workout. I compensate for not being able to move my legs by using a pair of handfins. I swim at the pool two days a week, and in the ocean two days a week, If I didn't work out like this, I am certain that I'd be down the proverbial tubes.

We have fresh a new look and many new additions this month. I spent several days in the back office cleaning out old files. We were down for over two weeks the result of a hard drive crash. Fortunately, I had been backing up onto a Zip drive. The end result was a new OS, Win 98. I love it, makes life easier. I have to get back to work--Just wanted to connect with you readers and say hello. 
-Gary Schooley

January 30th 1999


On December 12th 1998 while in the air between chairs, making a simple routine transfer from my desk chair to my wheelchair, I slipped and fell. I have fallen from chairs many times during the past 19 years without any bodily damage. This time seemed to be no exception. The next day my leg was swollen and I knew that something was wrong. The first thing that my doctor did was order an ultra sound because he suspected a blood clot. Then two days later an ex-ray revealed three breaks in two bones just below the right knee. My orthopedic doctor put my leg in a brace, telling me that I would have to wear it for about three months! 

Then a second ultra sound found a blood clot in my leg!  Me, a blood clot? Not me. Visions of it breaking loose and really screwing me up--or having to take blood thinning drugs for the rest of my life--appeared in my already concerned mind. With the break and brace I cannot drive or swim, leaving me fully immobile and possibly becoming a couch potato--"what else?" my mind asked.

We SCI's are prone to getting blood colts. I have become very aware that I NEED even MORE exercise than swimming every other day--which is what I was doing before breaking my leg. I know of some folks that receive the Heparin treatment because of clotting.  It is a very commonly used IV drug for anti-coagulation therapy.  Heparin is most effective given IV.  Anyone needing prolonged anti-coagulation is sent home on Coumadin (or warfarin).  Patients are monitored very carefully for clotting times while these drugs are being administered to prevent the possibility of excessive bleeding. 

I want to thank  Judy Peck: Cardiac nurse, for particulars on the Heparin treatment.  

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