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How many movies have you seen that had a character in a wheelchair?
How do you rate the performance of the actor or actress in the chair?
Do they walk in real life? Or just in reel life? Can you tell?
How about the reality of the story itself?

Paralinks has received so many reviews from readers that we had to break them down into two sections.
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From: Albert Sanchez Moreno a.moreno@mindspring.com
Subject: The Bone Collector

"The Bone Collector", based on Jeffrey Deaver's novel, stars Denzel Washington as a quadriplegic detective on the trail of a serial killer. Aside from being the best thriller I have seen since 1995's "Copycat", this movie features one of the best screen portrayals of a quad that I have ever seen. Of course, it helps that Denzel Washington is an excellent actor, but he could have easily been stuck in just another stereotyped "heroic crip" portrayal. Instead, there is absolutely no sign of patronization, condescension, or any self-pity beyond an understandable-under-the circumstances attempted try at a suicide pact (Washington is afraid one of his seizures will turn him into a vegetable).

He does all his work by voice-activated computer, from a large hospital bed where he spends 95% of the film, and his seizures are very convincing. His main assistant is the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, who does nearly all the work at the actual crime scene. At one point, you fear there will be an obligatory damsel-in-distress scene, but there isn't, and the final confrontation between Washington and the criminal does not make him seem like a helpless "disabled-person-in-distress". By the time that scene comes, the audience has already seen what a capable investigator he is.

From: Albert Sanchez Moreno a.moreno@mindspring.com
Subject: Notting Hill

The current hit movie, "Notting Hill"(1999), starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, features a woman in a wheelchair played by Gina McKee (Almost the entire cast is British except for Roberts). I don't know if McKee is really in a wheelchair, but if she isn't, she sure had me fooled. The acting and writing in this film is quite good. Although there are a few lines in which McKee is portrayed as somewhat of a victim (she can't have children), and Julia Roberts DOES ask Hugh Grant (in private), "Why is she in a wheelchair?" McKee's acting is quite poignant and restrained, and her loving (and unpatronizingly treated) relationship with her husband quite obviously gives Hugh Grant a few ideas about marriage.

There is also a truly priceless, very knowing comic moment near the end, when McKee uses the issue of inaccessibility to Hugh Grant's advantage in his pursuit of Julia Roberts. Although I cringed and feared the worst when others in the film began talking about McKee's disability, on the whole it was VERY tastefully done.

From: Albert Sanchez Moreno a.moreno@mindspring.com
Subject: Sent A Letter To My Love

There is a beautiful French movie called "I Sent A Letter To My Love" 1981, which has a highly un-believable plot, but is very sensitively done. It stars Simone Signoret as a middle-aged spinster who has cared all her life for her wheelchair-bound brother (Jean Rochefort). When both of them get in contact with a lonely-hearts agency, he accidentally answers her letter, and she lets him believe for as long as she can, that she is his unknown sweetheart. None of this is done in a nasty, smirking way, nor a condescending one. The real love that brother and sister feel for each other, and the personality that the sister discovers in her brother through the letters is presented very movingly.

Films by and about Paraplegics

TREE is the story of a paraplegic who has return to his parents'  home after a serious accident. Unable to use his legs, he is confined to a wheelchair. While in the rehab center recuperating from his injuries, he was attracted to poetry, and in particular poems about trees and nature. At home, with his parents who "cannot do enough for him" and over-react, he is encouraged by a poem which was read to him by a nurse in the center, "...my wound has been my healing,  And I am made more beautiful by losses..."

TREE Return to Life, 20 minutes, color, produced and directed by Harvey Edwards. Cost for Paralinks readers: $19.95; regular retail is $24.95.  Based on a composite of accounts from paraplegics. Orders can be submitted to our email address which is:  edfilms@worldnet.att.net We don't accept credit cards but we will send out the cassette and bill the buyer at the same time. We still trust people! 

Walk This Way:
Chris Sheridan, a paraplegic, has made a short film of himself and his chair.

The Chariot Races:
A documentary film about paraplegic off-road wheelchair racer John Davis.

There are more many movies with wheelchair users for sure. If you know of other ones, send your review.

DL's films: "Subway Stories"
Subway Stories Cast: Denis Leary Guy in Wheelchair Christine Lahti Synopsis This is an anthology, 88 minutes long, about people's various encounters on a subway. Denis plays a handicapped Vietnam vet who is accused by a woman (Christine Lahti) of...

Date: Wed, November 4th 1999
To: garyis@paralinks.net
From: "Ma-Chine" ma-chine@future-link.com
Subject: Chairs in Movies: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We just viewed the Rocky Horror Picture Show, what a great classic cult film....the gentleman in the wheelchair was typical of older users: he had an old Everest & Jennings chrome job. I wonder why they had someone in a chair for this film? The film was made over 20 years ago, and  I don't think that there was any push to get wheelchair users on the big screen way back then. Any thoughts on this anyone?

From: "Chad Anctil" fr3q@excite.com
To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: Blood Salvage
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999

Hey there, I have a movie from the early 90's that you might want to add- Blood Salvage (1991, I think) is a cheap b-grade horror flick about a garbage man who kidnaps people, hooks them up to bizarre junkyard equipment, and harvests' their organs for sale on the black market.  The heroine is a  VERY attractive young woman in a wheelchair who doesn't want to be the junk  mans' next victim.  She isn't a real para- her legs are WAY to sexy for her to be paralyzed- but she does nice work, very convincing.  It's a cheezy movie, but I guess it shows that disabilities can be used in any movie- even the cheezy ones.  Freddy

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 19:05:49 -0500
To: garyis@paralinks.net
From: Nicolas Steenhout vavroom@foxvalley.net
Subject: Movies and chairs: Extreme Measures...

I must second what Kimberley Barreda says about the story line of Extreme Measures. It sucks... I find commendable that most of the background actors were real wheelers. I believe Hackman's performance is no better nor worse than his average, yet he does help hold the movie with a semblance of togetherness. Grant is Grant is Grant, he played one role and seemingly keeps playing the same role (don't get me wrong, I enjoy him once in a while).

What disturbs me about this movie is that it seems to promote this idea that disability is a fate worse than death, that crips and their family will go to all end, from kidnapping to pure murder passing by experiment on the homeless, to reach a cure for SCI's. It also disturbs me that wheelers would play into this. Then again, there are mitigating factors, like I'm sure they needed the money, and perhaps it's all balanced by the idea of actually hiring wheelers... Or is it even more subversive, getting a form of approval by our community for their idea of  "fate worse than yadda yadda yadda".

"You must dance like no one's watching and love like it's never going to hurt"

Nicolas Steenhout: Cooking on Wheels

From: Moobird722@aol.com
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999
Subject: Re: An affair to remember
To: garyis@paralinks.net

An Affair to Remember, stars Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr (even before my injury, this was my favorite movie).  It's a romance, a very cute classic movie about Nicky Ferante, an engaged casanova known the world-over (played by Grant), meets Terry, a nightclub singer from Boston who is also engaged (played by Kerr).  On the cruise, they fall in love (although Kerr resists) and make a date to meet six months later at the top of the Empire State Building.  If one didn't feel the same way about the other as they did previously, they wouldn't show up.  As Nicky waits by the elevator in the observatory, Terry gets out of a taxi and is hit by a car as she crosses the street. 

She ends up in a wheelchair - they don't tell us why - although I will assume she is a paraplegic.  After about five months (I know this because it's Christmastime, and they  were supposed to meet on July 4th), Grant finds out where Kerr lives because she bought one of his paintings.  He goes to her apartment, and says that the guy who sold the portrait Grant painted of Kerr told him that the woman who was in the picture - was in a wheelchair - and she bought the painting.  She wouldn't tell him until he said so, and naturally, the last words in the movie were, "If you can paint, I can walk."  I give this movie FIVE stars.  It's a classic, it's romantic, and it has Cary Grant (always a plus!).  However, when it comes to the acting disabled thing - well, the subject is sort of ignored.  Kerr changes her lifestyle, dumps her fiancee, and gets a new job as a singing teacher - but other than giving up the nightclub job, the disability is pretty much ignored except in the last few moments.

From: Moobird722@aol.com
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999
Subject: TV & Paras Matlock
To: garyis@paralinks.net

Well, I saw another show today with someone in a chair on it. . . it was Matlock (you know, Andy Griffith plays a lawyer), and the guy who is being prosecuted for the murder of his wife is a para.  They made a big deal about how his arms were strong enough for him to throw a rope up onto the roof of his house and he could climb up on his own (yeah, I bet).  Anyhow, the guy in the chair was found guilty, and it was actually a pretty good show - the actor (I'm not sure who he was) may or may not be a para in real life, but he played the part well.  just thought I would fill you in!

From: pitbull@sowega.net
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999
To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: Wheels in cinema

Stanley Kubrik (?) often had nongratuitius scenes with w/c users. He even made one film where the namesake was a w/c user, Dr. Strangelove. Clockwork Orange featured a writer (this scene actually happened to Anthony Burgess) that ends up in a w/c. Paths of glory has a few w/c users I believe.... Anyway, just a line to acknowledge Stanley, may he rest in peace. CD Burkey C4, C5

From: Gimmpper@aol.com
Date:  27 May 1999
Subject: Coming Home
To: garyis@paralinks.net

Gary, I was surfing and stumbled onto your page.  The movie "Coming Home" with Jon Voight.  I had a part in the movie and was one of the original cast members when they signed Mr. Voight to do the movie.  Hospital scenes were filmed at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in 1977.  Jon and the rest of the main cast and crew were very dedicated to making a movie as true to the facts as possible.  I as well as 106 other gimps worked for 35 days on the movie.  I was very pleased with the final cut. Gimmpper

From: BBchev454@aol.com
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 18:29:21 EDT
Subject: monkey shines is good.
To: garyis@paralinks.net

Monkey shines is a movie about a quad who has a monkey as an assistant. He can control the thoughts of the monkey and his anger towards his disability turn the monkey into a murderer. Great movie for anyone who is pissed off about being paralyzed.

Sender: guzdziol@lucent.com 09 Apr 1999
To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: Movies with wheelchair

Gary, I looked through your movie list and I have an addition. Has anyone seen   Brady 500? It's a made-for-TV movie that's aired in a two-hour time slot, but may have originally been 2 episodes of The Bradys, the grown-up edition of The Brady Bunch. Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland) has taken up stock-car racing, and faces a grueling recovery when his legs are paralysed after an accident during a race. I saw this film on TNT in November(?) 1998 for the first time, and it was repeated on January 1, 1999 at 7pm or 8pm (CDT). I think Mike Lookinland did a GREAT job of portraying himself as disabled. Examples include: 1) using hands to pull himself around during rehab; 2) trying to reject his ex-girlfriend (who shows up after hearing the news) because he's not the same Bobby she once knew; 3) Transferring himself from wheelchair to couch (later in film). Well done, Mike!

I started becoming disabled (spastic paraparesis, lower bilateral extremities) when I was around 4 years old, and continued to lose abilities gradually until I was around 16 (see more about me at  if you want). I am 40 years old now. I grew up watching The Brady Bunch, and to see those familiar faces going through something like this really touched me. Hollywood loves to portray family life as typically wonderful, all the loose ends are solved by the end of the hour. For me, this was a memorable departure from that.

From: MKing10559@aol.com Sat, 27 Mar 1999 To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: Movies with chair users. Leave Yesterday Behind

There is a made-for-TV movie, titled Leave Yesterday Behind that stars John Ritter and Carrie Fisher, that I saw about ten years ago.  John R. is a college student, who becomes injured while playing polo.  He becomes paraplegic, and goes through the denial, bitterness, and self-pity.  During these phases, he escapes overprotective parents by going to live with his grandfather / doctor, (played by actor Buddy Ebsen).  His life on a horse ranch takes hold as he meets a woman, (Fisher), who sees past his 'problems' of apprehension and self-doubt.  The two fall in love and he is convinced by the end of the movie that he can have a rewarding life, after all.

Ritter does a pretty good job acting paraplegic, but the movie in general was a little 'watered down', in my opinion.  There was a slight reference to the issue of sex; overall it was a collection of physical barriers to overcome, and competition with Fisher's well-developed able bodied boyfriend. 

From: Little Otter littleotter@geocities.com  
Mon, 12 Apr 1999
Organization: Do I Have One?
To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: Correre Contro

I've seen "Running Against" (Correre Contro) with Stefano Dionisi as Pablo, a paraplegic, in the starring role. He does a good job (I thought) with moving the wheelchair easily and deftly, lifting his body, getting around his flat, etc. The film is not, in fact, about his disability--or at least not a physical disability! It's about his emotional hangups...which have little to do with being in a wheelchair.

I don't know exactly how he prepared for the role, but he's obviously spent time in a wheelchair and worked very hard at getting it right. The film credits mention people who helped him, and there are real paraplegics (et al.) in the cast. (The same actor took 3 months worth of singing lessons to play opera star Farinelli--even though he can't sing and his own singing voice wouldn't ever be heard--so he obviously takes preparation pretty seriously.) -Kenoshamaensa

Rear Window ABC TV movie. 11/22/99
Christopher Reeve, Daryl Hannah, Directed by Jeff Bleckner.... This is a good film...the Paralinks  crew enjoyed it...  Quote from People magazine: "But his un- disguisable disability- -shared, of necessity, by the character he plays-actually gives the new Rear Window, more gut level tension than the original."

Live Flesh takes place in Spain... l... In its cast are two luscious-looking performers: Liberto Rabal,  and Francesca Neri... Spanish director Luis Bunue says: "What is very important for me is that they have a very powerful glance, that they look strongly at the camera, at the other characters.  They must not have any sort of prejudices about their body. . . . They must be able to express passion very clearly in their eyes, in their mouth, in the way they walk."

In one of the steamiest scenes in Live Flesh, a paraplegic wheelchair basketball star performs remarkably athletic sexual feats with Neri. Gutsy as that may seem, Almodovar puts an extra spin on it: Javier Bardem, the anything but disabled person in the scene, is also the villain.  Has any one seen this movie? Let us know

From: KVCug@aol.com Are there any wheelchair-using actresses working anywhere?  I've seen one or two clips of models, but never seen any in film.  I saw the comment on Lone Wolf in the movie reviews - she can't be the only one! Kate.

To: garyis@paralinks.net
From: Miles Stratholt mstrath@direct.ca
Subject: Langer Gang

Saw a foreign film on late night cable here in Canada,"Langer Gang" by Yilmaz Arslan.  (pretty sure it was German).  It was about an institution that catered to young people with disabilities (mostly c.p., paralysis).  It was a very dark and disturbing film that I found most unsettling.  I was particularly bothered by the theme of hopelessness and despair among young adults with disabilities. Has anyone seen this film? What did you think?

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997
From: Chris Sheridan
Subject: Running Against (aka Correre Contro)

Hi Gary, I recently saw 'Running Against' (aka Correre Contro), an Italian film about a love triangle. One of the 3 is a para, another also works at the same rehab facility, and the girl is a would-be singer with occasional bouts of narcolepsy. Although much of the film took place in the rehab environment, the para was often shown at home living very independently. In fact, not much of the story was about 'being in a wheelchair,' rather, the hopes, fears, desires we as humans face - regardless of any disability. In all, a good film (if you don't mind subtitles) and one character with moderate to severe Cerebral Palsy practically stole the show. I highly recommend this one, although I'm not too sure how readily available it is. --Cheers, Chris

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997
From: JH <jyharden@iland.net>
Subject: A movie to view

There was one earlier this spring w/ Kirstie Alley. She was injured at a bus stop accident and became a para. She had been a waitress before the accident and it shows her begin a friendship with a guy who is a real para. To me this was one of the better acting jobs I've seen done in my 13yrs of awareness. I cannot remember the name of it, it came on Primetime though. Hope you find it. -Jill

This from Jim:
The movie with Kirstie Alley was called Suddenly and first aired about a yr ago. At about the same time, although I can't remember the exact date, Shannon Doherty appeared as Janni Smith in a TV movie based on the book written about her life, called 'Sleeping With the Devil' So far this TV season, I am not aware of any upcoming movies like the ones we've discussed. I just read that Chris Templeton (of Young and the Restless fame) has what sounds like a lead role in a new movie called Ready Willing and Able. She says it is the first action film with a chair user. Sounds very interesting but no idea when it will be released. Last week I caught the daytime talk show 'Leeza' and one guest that day was Sharry Konopski--Aug '87 Playmate who has been a para for over 2 yrs. Topic was abused former Playmates. I correspond occasionally with Ellen Stohl (from Playboy May '87). She continues to be frustrated with lack of opportunities to even try for parts which go to AB actors. She last appeared in two segments of General Hospital last January.

I've been searching for any photos or ad work done by any of the Shotmodels. So far, WE magazine seems to be the only place where they have been showcased, then only three or 4 of them. Have you discovered any of their work? I find it hard to believe that one of the magazines hasn't done a large feature on all of them!- -Jim

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From: jim edwards <devotee@hotmail.com>
To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: chair users in film/tv Closer and Closer and Equal Justice.
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997

Just found your site today. How about 'Closer and Closer' on USA Network last year? Starring Kim Delaney as a para. Was well done, she drank cranberry juice, used a standup chair in her kitchen, etc... They still didn't show enough 'out of chair' activity, transfers, driving a car and so on. Bedroom scene was preceded by usual portrayal of doubt in her character--will he still find me attractive? They were careful not to show any real physical activity or modified activity.

About 5 yrs ago, a then unknown actress (non-disabled) named Colleen Flynn was seen in three episodes of the series Equal Justice. Just about the best portrayal of a chair user I've ever seen. Character was not newly disabled so there was none of the 'adjusting to it' crap that most writers feel is obligatory. It would have been perfect if they had written the boyfriend as someone who was adjusted or at ease with her disability. This may have come later but the series was cancelled. I wrote to Colleen and she wrote back that they tried to find a real chair user but no one had enough acting experience.

Last winter I read that Sharon Stone had started work on a film called 'The Normal Heart'. She was to play a tough physician who used a wheelchair. I have heard nothing about it since then. Heard anything? -Jim Edwards

To: garyis@paralinks.net
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999
From: "Sophie Meyer" <sophiedog@mailcity.com>
Subject: films featuring wheelchair users

An old TV show Ironside comes to mind. Raymond Burr portrayed a former police detective who was confined to a wheelchair.He was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a gunshot wound. He made the character seem completely capable and thus provided a positive image of someone with a handicap. As far as I remember the show ran for about 8 years in the late Sixties to mid-Seventies and was very successful at the time. Hope this is of some help. --Regards, Sophie

From: BAllen9614@aol.com
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997
Subject: wheelchairs & the media Port Charles

Have you seen the tv soap, 'Port Charles', which is a spinoff of General Hospital? The role of Dr. Matthew Harmon is played by Mitch Longley, a paraplegic in real life.  Check it out.

From: Cheri Marshall CJMARSHALL@aarp.org
Subject: Mac And Me

This is an older movie...along the lines of ET...a definite family film about an extraterestrial, a boy (who happens to be in a wheelchair), his mom and brother. I think the boy has SB. It was a great movie. Good storyline with enough 'hollywood' to make it entertaining with realistic sensitivity to the realities of being in a wheelchair. It has some suttle scenes like when they first move into a new house, the mom is with the boy and makes mention of the low windows so he can see out. He transfers into a car of a friend and has to tell the mother what to do with the wheelchair. He's independent & the hero of the story. I could see my paraplegic son getting into the same mischief. It's a cool movie.---cj marshall Silver Spring, Maryland

From: kbatch kbatch@netspace.net.au
To: <garyis@paralinks.net>
Subject: wheelchair movies Against the Odds

I saw a movie on TV in Australia recently, called "Against the Odds" by the subtitle. It was Swedish (I think), and about an air force pilot who becomes injured after a diving accident. The movie shows the 'before' relationship with his girlfriend and the effect of his accident on their relationship. 

From: BRYAN TUDOR bryter@onthenet.com.au

Dear Gary, It is many years since I seen the film, The Men it is in Black & White, but  Marlon's acting debut was outstanding.I was not a spinally injured person when I first seen the movie, however it had a tremendous impact on me, probably because Marlon Brando played such a "real" role. I believe he lived with some Paras for sometime before he made the movie, which was about war veterans at home after being discharged from the forces. All hospital story with a little bit of "going out" which was quite funny at times. I'm pretty sure it was Marlon's first movie.

1 Mar 1998
From: Becky Miro <rmiro01@cs.fiu.edu>
Subject: One more for your "Movie Reviews"

First Steps If I'm not mistaken, this was the pilot for a show called 'Mantis' which ran in 1995 or so. The reruns were being shown on the Sci-Fi Channel until recently. The show was about a guy, Dr. Miles Hawkins (played by Carl Lumbly), who is shot in the back during a riot and left paraplegic. He's a brilliant scientist and devises a suit and microchip which allow his brain signals to reach his legs without having to go through the regular course, the spinal cord. When he has the Mantis suit on, he also acquires a certain level of super-human abilities and uses them to fight crime. --Becky

15 July 1998
From: Becky <rmiro01@cs.fiu.edu>
To: Gary Schooley <garyis@paralinks.net>
Subject: Everything That Rises

'Everything That Rises' Dennis Quaid, Mare Winningham, Harve Presnell. (1998) His son's critical injury forces a Montana man to reconsider priorities as he struggles to retain family land. Without giving away too much of the movie, the son's "critical injury" is that he ends up a T-10 para after an accident on the farm where he lives. The focus of the movie, however, is more on the struggle of the father --unemployed, risking losing the farm, trying to get close to his son -- than on the boy's injury. There is only passing reference to bowel & bladder management and at one point the boy mentions that he "did something" in his pants. It's a small-town view of disability.  The boy's wheelchair looked like what FDR used, and  he doesn't transfer, but rather is carried by his parents.

January 26 1998
Hi Gary: Just thought of two movies to add to the list. The first is called
Twisted Obsession starring Jeff Goldblum. British actress Miranda Richardson plays a chair user. Her disability is not part of the plotline and we aren't told how she has become disabled. She does whine about it a little, I recall something about not being able to walk in high heels, but does have a bedroom scene with Jeff.

Correction! 26 Apr 1998
To: garyis@paralinks.net
Subject: The movie Twisted Obsession

Hi Gary...Just to set things right, Miranda Richardson does not whine about not being able to walk on heels. Jeff Goldblum asks why she wears high heals, and she says it's a small revenge on those women that can walk, and whine about the difficalty of walking in high heals while others can't walk at all. From Eyal: earie@usa.net

The Lone Wolf. Its a low budget 'B' movie made in Colorado about 10 yrs ago. It is set in a high school and a student becomes a werewolf with the expected consequences. The actors are all unknowns. One of the students, a pretty blond, is played by a real chair user (para). She has dialog, is seen wheeling in 3 or 4 scenes and does as respectable a job as the other actors. She has billing near the top of the credits and I believe her real first name is Theresa??? The film seems to come around on TNT several times a year. Where is she now??
Jim Edwards

From: Becky Miro <rmiro01@cs.fiu.edu>
14 Jan 1998
Subject: Paralinks -- new edition

Hi Gary...WOW!!! Some wild colors on the site this time. I read through the whole list of movies and was surprised that Whose Life Is It Anyway? with Richard Dreyfuss wasn't listed. It's a 1981 film. He (Richard...can't remember what the character's name was) gets into a car accident and ends up a quadriplegic. The plot of the movie deals with him fighting for his right to die. Excellent acting by Richard Dreyfuss, btw. Don't know offhand if he won an award.

(This movie sounds like The Switch described below by Ed. I do recall seeing.)

The Switch starring Gary Coleman, was about a Quad who fought the system in order to have the right to pull his own cord. Due to his condition, a mechanism was put in place - on his wheelchair, enabling him to turn off his own respirator. When it came time to jump, he chickened, and realized he really wanted to live. Only to later find that an undiagnosed disease had first dibs on him. At which point, quality of life for the remainder of his days became the focus of his energy.

My Kinesiologist was hired as technical consultant, and in turn, I was used as fodder for Gary to learn the nuances of his character. He did an O.K. job. But for any of us lifers, his play can be seen. Review by Ed Noho

From: Daniel20@webtv.net
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998
To: garyis@paralinks.net
hey! what about the movie Steel It starred Shaq...It's kind of a dumb superhero movie, but it does show some good seens of a girl in a wheelchair....

From: "Pam Wheeler"
Subject: Other Side Of The Mountain  and Jill Kinmont Boothe
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998

Hi Gary. Did you ever see the movie 'Other Side of the Mountain' ? It's about Jill Kinmont Boothe. How she overcomes the challenges in her life despite her  handicap. Do you ever hear anything from her or about her? Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely Pam Wheeler pwheeler@tic.bisman.com

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997
From: "Kimberley Barreda" <wcg@netmatrix.net>
Subject: cripmovies Extreme Measures

Hi, i represent a number of actors with disabilities and found your site by happy accident. 'Extreme Measures' with hugh grant, gene hackman, sara jessica parker cast all the crips in toronto for the film. the film itself sucked but diana zimmer "helen", lori kelly "the fbi wife", and all the background crips were real actors with disabilities. www.cripworld.com

Acting on Wheels: PWD's in Hollywood  Article by Alan Toy

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