Contacting Paralinks can be like traversing a crooked trail.

Paralinks has been getting so much Spam that we decided to do something about it. But the first attempts failed miserably! To make a long story short; use to reach me.

The long story if you want it. Paralinks has been around since the first Netscape was launched. Our e-mail addresses are probably listed in dozens of mass marketing CD's for sale to the hucksters. We tried several anti-spam methods and are now back to this: My personal e-mail is being re-directed to my back up e-mail: but occasionally one of these addresses will bounce. Note that will be a temporary address that always gets the mail through for the time being at least.  Am I nuts? Maybe, but what I am is fed up.

If there is one thing that bothers me to the point of getting angry it is getting a load of Spam when I check my  mail. This morning I got 37 of them. They want to help me to Lose Weight and: Plus! Receive our Revolutionary "Eat Until You're Thin Program"! They want to help me Build Lean Muscle, Reverse Aging, restore my memory loss, get my penis longer, harder, keep it harder longer, help me grow my hair back, and get some hot virgin teen age chicks to boot! Disgusting!

If you know how to stop Spam please let me know! Gary Schooley