December 12th 1998

You have not yet decided to be or not to be a client, this is good-you are being cautious. But since you have come this far with us; you may as well take a deeper look into who we are and how our minds operate. Future-Link, while a major player in the worlds Internet community, is still a cordial easy going aggregation of folks who enjoy their work, and who will take the time with you to get it right. This page is in constant flux; every time we read it, we see another grammatical change that needs to be made. We are riding a learning curve.

An empty beer can, several Coke cans and a Pizza Hut carton can be observed lying around the workspace. Lots of old code cluttering the desk! Post-its™ hanging like wallpaper. New Pink Floyd, old Billy Joel, Dave Matthews Band,  Israel Kamaka'vivo'ole and Annie Lenox  provide the background music.

Being consistent with our loose style, we built this Back Door allowing you straight on into our shop. You have already viewed our Front Door, which is also known as the Index, the Home Page, or the Cover.  To take another look, or if you got here by another route, via Paralinks, and missed it, click on the image below, which is also known as a Hot Link, that directs you to another document within your Home Page, or, to another site altogether.

Future-Link Home Page

Shoptalk...We were again just reminded that time ran out...It usually does during this fast moving pace at the end of the 20th century. But wait, some of it was left behind! We have secured this extra time, compressed it, and now share it with our clients. But even compressed time moves fast, so call us to find out if we can be of assistance.

We keep our pages clean and simple, yet close to the cutting edge. We fall off occasionally, but always find our way back to the edge. No music, no graphic clutter, no frames, no streaming video to confuse your audience. If what you want is beyond our means, but you like our style, no worry. We are connected with folks who can do almost anything; we have no problem using consultants. We are a lo-key operation, easy and pleasant to work with. If what you want is too complex for us, we will tell you so. We do not want too complex in our lives, yet we love to learn.

Samson, our main man has just opened an Old Code Wrecking Yard. We all know that there are lots of unused pages lying around the Net. His idea is to strip all the useable code from discarded Web Sites and build something; I'm not sure what, with the gleanings. Then he'll toss the leftovers into a crusher for recycling. Sometimes his ideas are far fetched, yet his ideas have already made him a fortune, so what to say? I can't wait for his next finished piece.  What is Samson up to anyway? He is writing a true fiction novel about the end of this century. For your curiosity, we will have this dialogue, and his Web Page posted soon.

All this is behind the scenes of course...Up front, we will be clear and creative when discussing with you the best approach to take in getting the right look and feel of a web page that suits your needs. We also rebuild old web sites. Ask about the Web Site Re-building service.

If you like how our client sites are laid out and xcetra, and would like us to do Web Work for you, please connect.
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