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Life with Wheel Chairs and People Who Use Them-- and all the wild crazy meaningful things they do.

June 18th 2000
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Paralinks Home Page...My Understanding of Affliction That Can Lead To God’s Perfect Will...Stewart is an independent film maker and paraplegic who is about half way through filming his first full length feature film 'FLAT OUT'. About a road racer who becomes paralyzed and designs a motorcycle, and goes racing again. Sound familiar-funny thing is that after he wrote it and made the contacts to shoot then came true..."kinda backwards huh?"...Paraplegic Web Sites...Quadriplegic Web Sites...Harness Racer  Paraplegic fights to harness race -- The issue seems simple: Should a paraplegic be allowed, or have the opportunity, to drive in harness races? For 16 years, through paperwork and multiple legal and political wrangling, Oza James (O.J.) Waddell has persevered toward that goal.   Waddell, paralyzed from the waist down by a 1979 drive-by shooting to his spine, finally picked up his qualifying license from the California Horse Racing Board last Thursday after trying since 1982. Copyright The Sacramento Bee...Entrepreneurs on Wheels...Inventor of Handiflex  "Because physical therapy treatment was not only an outrageous expense but also an inconvenience I slacked off going and soon began to develop all the symptoms of deterioration: renal, spasticity, sores and bad circulation. I began research of all the therapeutic equipment that was available, realizing the only way I could help myself or the tens of thousands of others with spinal cord injuries, was to engineer and design the most state of the art, user friendly therapeutic exercise machine. Something for every man woman and child with SCI. A device that not only could be used in rehabilitation and fitness centers, but also compact enough for use in the home, for continuous development."... "I want to make a difference rather than be  looked upon as different...I have learned not only to pick myself up where I have fallen, but to get  up and "STAND TALL" and show the public that a severely disabled person can  lead a purposeful and productive life... Send Mail...The bottom line is not whether  you're able or disabled, the bottom line is ATTITUDE. With the right   attitude, you can conquer and achieve any goal you set forth..." ..."I proceeded very slowly at first. I wanted the other drivers to know that they could trust me, that just because I was in a wheelchair didn’t mean I was any less skilled. It took time for the other racers to see me as just another driver but by showing them that I do everything on the car, I get the feeling that they now see right past the wheelchair....I remember that at first they kind of discounted me, almost took it easy on me, until I started to pass them and then I got the feeling that everyone said "that’s enough, he has to earn it now" and that’s when I knew I was accepted as a race car driver."... Paralysis Information Page...Wheel Of Misfortune? a New York-based author, editor, lecturer, advocate and singer who communicates with uncommon clarity about childhood, parenthood, marriage, spirituality, disability and the quality and meaning of life. She has written numerous articles in national publications...frequently dispelling stereotypes about people with disabilities...As a person who gets around in a motorized wheelchair, Chava has become a strong advocate of equal rights for people with disabilities.... Wheelchair Culture...From Big Air to Wheelchair...At Snowqualomy Pass, Snowden was the third boarder to make a practice run off the sculpted snow ramp designed to catapult contestants over a flat area and onto a steep landing slope. The first two riders barely cleared the flat section and contest officials were worried.... World Wired Wheels...A couple people have asked me the big question since my accident. For all that I have gone through have I ever thought about suicide?...A Paraplegic looks at cure....Angela Stocks...Art Gallery....a business administration graduate, model, actress, broadcaster and, most recently, Woman of the Year nominee. What she is best known for, however, is her work on Wendy's Video Diary on Toronto television station, Citytv. Murphy deliberately targeted the station as a potential employer because she saw the company as being "fearless and willing to take risks." And to their credit, the producers at Citytv haven't tried to hide Murphy's disability, nor that of her fellow on-air pal, David Onley. At 19, Murphy became paraplegic after a van accident....Buddhism and the Spiritually Challenged. ...The experiences of a long-term (35 years) paraplegic with long-term (20+ years) Buddhist practice. Brief personal history. Overview of Buddhist philosophy. The practice of sitting meditation. Meditation practice and the disabled....Kevin graduated cum laude in 3.5 years from Georgetown University, he took the MCAT,