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Troubled Times, Troubled Soul

Open letter from Greg

Sent: 11/29/2012
Subj: Hi my name's Greg
    You may know me or you maybe saying "Who the heck is this guy?"  So my names Greg, I'm 48 and I've been paralyzed from the shoulders down for 21 years.  No pity, I'm having a wonderful life, I've faced my adversities and triumphed as best I could, some have said, they could never handled it, some have said "Greg when I heard it happened to you, I couldn't have imagined a person more well balanced who COULD handle it!"  So, I'm the one it happened to regardless and I've accepted it and ran with it.  For 15 years before my paralysis, I spent many long hours trying to be the best guitar player I could become, so at age 27, I had to turn that dream into something else.  I wouldn't know what for another 5 or 6 years but I started writing lyrics again and singing and I've recorded one cd with various disabled musicians and two solo cds on which I wrote and played all the instruments and sang all  vocals except for the guitar parts which a couple of friends played for me and I'm very gracious for their help. So, I'll be brief as possible, your email  address is in my address book, if you'd like to be added to my email list just shoot me an email back and I'll do that if I don't hear back, I'll remove you but here's a link to my music and there are links to web sites with other things I've been involved in, I've been on disability pay for 21 years which I'm so grateful for and blessed to have but, if I could just sell a track or two of music, a 99 cent download and if this email could get passed on to your own personal mailing list, could a guy like me offer a little entertainment to enough people that I'd no longer have to draw disability at such a time when our country needs to cut back?  I'll just leave that possibility in your hands, thanks for your time, peace & blessings to your own journey thru this life
Greg Harry

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I played guitar for 15 years until September 14, 1991, when an accident left me paralyzed from the shoulders down. As you can imagine, it took some adjusting but in November 1996, I wrote the first lyrics since the accident and started singing at a monthly jam session at Shepherd Spinal Center here in Atlanta.

Two years later I got my first recording software and started learning composing on the computer. I was involved in a compilation project in 2000 that involved with nine people, seven of us in wheelchairs, we called it "Rock-N-Chair". I finished my first solo cd in September, 2001 called "The Web" and my second cd in December, 2003 called "Troubled Times, Troubled Soul". Since then, I had a technical set back and several health setbacks but I hope to have a way overdue cd finished by the end of 2012/beginning of 2013. I look forward to any comments and just thanks for lending your ear my way and listening, blessings!