André Fontanelli - Bass Player - Paraplegic

André Fontanelli began his first steps in music in the year 2000 when 16 years old when he bought his first Electric Bass and learned to play by himself.    In 2002 with his brother formed their first band, who played only songs in Portuguese.  

Unfortunately in December 2004, Andre became paraplegic after a car accident. It was a very difficult season, but with the help of friends and family, managed to return to normal life, learning to adapt and live with the limitations.  
At the end of 2006, André and his brother take over the activities of his band, but this time with the proposal to play only Classics of Rock. 

"No matter what the difficulty, we all have our limitations, but with a little determination and strength of will, we can have everything we want!" 
Currently, André is studying electric bass to improve his technical skills and become a better bass player.

André with his brother Tiago who is a Drummer and Lead Singer, 
and Max on guitar, performing in the CLASSIC MUTLEYS band.
They play concerts in pubs in the city of Sao Paulo - Brazil.

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