The Raven Drum Foundation & Rick Allen

Rick Allen became the drummer for Def Leppard at 15. At the height of worldwide fame in 1984, he had a car accident that changed his life. Rick lost an arm, but turned personal tragedy into spiritual transformation and continued his musical career. While he was already a hero to millions of young people, he soon added millions of new admirers. His intention with Raven Drum is to share his journey and help others to discover their own paths. Rick's incredible story is truly the direct inspiration for the Raven Drum Foundation.


Raven Drum is a Los Angeles-based, non-profit foundation established by Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe in 2001. The foundation's goal is to provide free educational programs in the arts and opportunities for personal growth during times of adversity.

• To empower individuals through practical experience of sacred art.
• To expand the Raven Drum Artist Collective faculty of artist, teachers, and healers.
• To support spiritual leaders and preserve indigenous world traditions.
• To promote knowledge of healing traditions from around the world.
• To restore awareness of the sacred origins of art and community.

Def Leppard