It’s so easy to think that you deserve nothing better in life because of an existing disability. If you feel that a recent medical treatment botched because of negligence on the part of your doctor, you should not take this situation lying down.

You deserve better, and your Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer is the best person to speak to, for assistance. As a musician, you must do everything possible to protect your career, especially if you struggle with a disability.

Medical negligence can reverse all the gains you have made in your career as a musician. Each person has a different experience from medical malpractice. Some people are alert to realize they are victims of negligence of a doctor as soon as it happens.

Other people take too long to realize that a mistake occurred. Some might even believe that what they’re going through is the result of an existing disability. So, what are the consequences of medical malpractice that all musicians must know?


  • Chronic pain


If your current disability has only been an inconvenience and nothing more, medical negligence can worsen the situation by introducing chronic pain into your life. The chronic pain could focus on one area or feel like it’s from all over your body.


  • Worsening disability


Medical negligence is capable of making your disability worse. When a physician doesn’t do a good job of treating you, he exposes you to the likelihood of suffering a worsening of your pre-existing disability.


  • Increased medical bills


You might have to contemplate seeking further treatment to treat the chronic pain. You might even have to go back to the hospital to nurse the worsening disability. This exposes you to increased medical bills, which eat further into your finances, thus likely to render you a pauper.


  • Disfigurement


For example, if the hair transplant you went to the hospital for was unsuccessful, you might have to seek the help of a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer would tell you that you have a solid case, especially if the botched procedure caused disfigurement.


  • Lost opportunities


As a musician who relies on more gigs to make a living, you have every right to cry foul if the medical malpractice leads to lost opportunities. The malpractice might make you incapable of traveling around to entertain your fans and make some money in the process.


  • Lost wages


You’re entitled to claim compensation for lost wages. If the defendant’s negligence leads to loss of wages and the ability to earn more as a musician, your lawyer should ask the court to award you a rightful amount as compensation based on how long you’re likely to continue suffering.


  • Mental distress and prolonged suffering


Mental distress is a non-economic effect of medical malpractice. If the negligence made you suffer mentally, you should let your lawyer know so that he includes this element in the lawsuit. Let your lawyer know that the malpractice made you worried that death will follow.

Other consequences of medical negligence that you must inform your Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer about include loss of consortium, inability to enjoy the pleasures of life and permanent loss of function. Hire a lawyer to help you instead of suffering in silence.