Waxing, in general, is the removal of excessive unwanted hair on the body. Usually, it is done in the pubic area, legs, armpits, chin, hands, though some people prefer whole body waxing. Waxing has gained popularity over time due to its effectiveness in hair removal hence giving a person a smooth and clean appearance. This appearance is of particular importance in seasons such as the summer when the weather dictates less dressing hence more exposure of the body.

Waxing involves removing the hair from the roots (though it regrows, usually between two to eight weeks depending on hair growth) unlike the other methods of removing unwanted hair where it is done on a surface level. Waxing is done mostly by trained professionals compared to shaving which is done by individuals themselves. This professional touch continues to give the client the assurance of flawlessness.

There are different types of waxing and consequently various methods of waxing. The various kinds include the famous Brazilian or Bikini Waxing, Full body waxing, among others. The Brazilian waxing is done only around the pubic region while the Full body is on the whole body. There is also a provision, however, of being specific about the body part to be waxed. It could include areas like the chest or the face.

Bikini wax offers women a feeling of liberation and confidence by giving them a smooth, clean look that allows them to put on their bikinis without fear. They also get a silky, bald look that many men find sensual; leading to an erotic,  more satisfying sex life.

Despite the advantages, bikini wax also has disadvantages which include pain and embarrassment resulting from the awkward positions involved, especially when getting a Brazilian bikini wax. This can make many women uncomfortable, but a point to note is that the awkward positions are a regular part of the process, and the pain lessens with each successive session.

The different methods include Sugaring paste (Persian Waxing), hard (strip-less) and soft (strip) waxes. The Sugaring paste or Persian waxing had existed since 1900 BC when it was popular in Persia and its environs. This method involves powdering the area of interest, then applying a sugar solution which is either pre-made then sold or is locally prepared with items such as water, sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch, honey, and molasses. A strip of cloth (porous) is pressed on the skin, then removed quickly, taking the hair with it. Though it has been in existence for long and is available in San Diego, it tends to last a shorter time than the other methods.

On soft waxing, the wax is thinly spread on the skin. After applying a paper strip and firmly pressing it, the piece is ripped off quickly, thus taking the hair with it.

Hard waxing involves the application of wax thickly on the skin and is removed once it cools without the use of cloth or paper strips.

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