Physical activity has been an integral part of human history and is as old as humanity. With the shocking statistics on obesity, more and more people are participating in physical activities. Physical fitness is also highly regarded in the modern day world, thus pushing more people into taking part in those activities.

Any physical activity, however, carries with it the risk of injury. We have seen it during international sporting events such as World Cup, Premier Leagues, the Olympics among others and even during our local events. Most participants opt out due to injuries which vary in degree. Some could take out an athlete just for a few months before they’re back to full recovery and back to competitive performance. All the same, for some it’s the end of their careers in competitive performance.

It is because of such reality that the wrist wrap is used, as a protective measure. A wrist wrap (also known as a hand wrap) is a piece of cloth that protects the wrist and hand from injury during sport. It is more commonly used in boxing and other combat sports, but has become a necessity in weight lifting and pressing movements. The wrap shields the wrist when additional weight is added.

Ordering for wrist wraps is very easy as many fitness centers offer that service online. But how does one get the best in the industry? No one can afford to be injured as it costs a lot in terms of time and money and slows down the realization of one’s goals. If the risk of injury is so high, how does one ensure that they buy a wrap that will give maximum reduction to the risk? Essential Fitness answers this question confidently. The Muscle Review voted Essential Fitness wraps the best in the industry for two consecutive years; 2015 and 2016 with a 4.9 rating. The review heralds the wraps as providing great support, comfortable, superb in quality and performance and beautiful in appearance. The customer reviews also go on and on about how great the product is. When everyone is talking so highly about something, it is worth your attention. It’s evident why most people think it is the top rated wrist wraps for lifting in 2016.

You will find the specifications of the product on their website. They sell their wraps in pairs: 14 inches long, 3 inches wide, 50% cotton, 40% elastic, 10% polyester. They have a reinforced thumb loop and come with an Essential Fitness 6 month hassle free warranty. They have excellent customer service. You will find any information you might need on their website, and if one requires further clarification, they have given their contacts so you can reach them. They have different colors too for the customer that loves to experiment with color.

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