Some people are born with disabilities. Others develop disabilities due to illnesses, accidents and injuries sustained from falls or slips. Some medications also cause disabilities. Musicians are not exempt from developing disabilities. The beauty of it all is that physiotherapy can help anybody who has a disability. In fact, you can benefit from physiotherapy even when you don’t have any disability.

So, why should a musician seek the input of a physiotherapist?

For relief from chronic pain

carpal-tunnel-musicianThe musician’s biggest asset is the voice. Some musicians insure their voices. However, other parts of the body are equally crucial assets. The hands and legs need just as much attention, especially if the musician uses his fingers to play musical instruments. Some body parts experience too much pain. Chronic pain makes it impossible for you to perform your daily tasks. A physiotherapist identifies the source of the pain before prescribing the right treatment.

For recovery during and after pregnancy

The body needs plenty of attention during pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period. A musician needs help from a physiotherapist if she is to continue performing at high levels just after giving birth. She also needs plenty of attention during pregnancy and before giving birth. The ever changing hormone levels make the ligaments soft while stretching them out. In such scenarios, the musician can injure her back. The physiotherapist helps the female musician too:

  • Learn proper techniques for supporting her back and protecting the body
  • Learn proper exercises for supporting her back and protecting the body

For recovery during and after surgical procedures

It’s common for a musician with a disability to seek surgical treatments. The work of the physiotherapist is to provide the musician with a detailed assessment before the surgical procedure. The physiotherapist also has the task of explaining to the musician the exercises worth performing before and after surgery. The physiotherapist even teaches the patients how to cough properly while going through surgeries on the chest or heart.

For relief of neurological diseases and chronic conditions

Cerebral palsy is quite debilitating. It hampers the patient’s ability to move around smoothly. Other conditions that have a similar effect on the patient include stroke, spinal cord injuries, Substantia Nigra and Parkinson’s disease. A physiotherapist helps patients to live with such conditions. The musician is able to enjoy an improved quality of life after receiving help from an expert physiotherapist. Furthermore, the physiotherapist:

  • Helps his patients to be more independent
  • Helps his patients to live normally

For assistance with your training regime

Musicians need to exercise a lot. Many musicians suffer injuries repeatedly. A physiotherapist can provide the help you need in such cases. He helps you through the injuries and ensures you never have to experience any form of injury while exercising. If you take up some new types of activities, the physiotherapist will look at your history and advise you how best to exercise without hurting your body.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that musicians need physiotherapists. The physiotherapist is a great asset in the career of a budding and experienced musician. He helps his patients to overcome a life of injuries and chronic pain, thus making it easier for them to perform optimally. He also helps the patients to overcome or prevent joint mobility and muscle wasting. For more information on physiotherapy, visit Battersea Physiotherapy Clinic.