Athletics Strengthening Institute is unlike any other gym. They render their services in a personalized one-on-one environment. Whether you want a focused training program to suit your lifestyle or want an alternative Crossfit, they are your ideal training institute.

Come and get training from Kansas City’s highly qualified, well-trained and experienced personal trainers. There performance strengthening institute’s design helps every individual enhance fitness levels and athletic abilities.

The workout regimes are complex, designed to help signees push beyond their limitations. They’ve trained athletes in the following fields; professional soccer, NFL, college athletics, MLB, The Olympic Games and Professional basketball disciplines.

With their training routines, you will not share any training equipment, and each workout program is tailored to suit individual needs and requirements.

The methods they use at our facility provide every individual with professional performance training matching division-1 college athletes training.

interactiveSome of the training services they train in their institute include:

  • Strength, Speed, Power and Agility coaching (Sports Performance Training techniques)
  • Flexibility
  • Quarterback/Pitcher Arm care Programs
  • Pro Day/NFL Combine Preparation
  • Core stability and balance
  • Nutrition
  • Metabolic resistance training
  • Recovery
  • Power and Plyometrics

Regardless of the sport you play, they are the ideal athletics strengthening institute you need to push beyond your limits.

Different Training Disciplines

Every athlete demands a different set of skills. Their individualized training sessions are undertaken by trainers focused on helping athletes meet their individual goals. Our coaches work with individuals to craft the right workout regimen.

Whether you need to improve your sprint speed, power, lateral quickness or agility, their trainers work with you to develop a challenging workout routine that will enhance your athleticism.

How We Help Athletes Ready Their Bodies

At the Institute, they know that sports performance kansas city is everything an athlete needs to be the best. They use state-of-the-art strength equipment designed for maximum performance. They’re an institute that ensures every trainee achieves their fitness and athletic potential.

They are also big on nutrition. It’s a fact that players at any level should give their bodies proper nutrients that allow them to train properly, play better and hasten their recovery.

The right diet/nutrition helps keep nagging small injuries likely to hamper your performance at bay. After studying the athlete’s training regimen, their nutritionist advises on modifications that assist the athlete to enhance his/her performance and their ability to recover quickly.

Student Trainers

Coaching student athletes is a fete that their trainers take pride in. Students are energetic, focused and have a sincere desire to improve their athleticism.

At Athletics Strengthening Institute they thrive in coaching student athletes because together they create a sound foundation for these athletes.

Their trainers help students build quality and safe exercise routines; they also assist them to realize the importance of their overall health and wellness.

They coach students from different sporting disciplines and hence the reason they administer personalized, challenging and encouraging training programs. They are a training facility that helps students realize their potential and design them to become champs!

For a tour of this facility and to get tailored-made training regimens, please visit their page the Athletics Strengthening Institute.