Some of the most popular and highly successful singers had to overcome great odds to reach where they are. Some of them had to go through medical procedures to be able to sing and perform at optimal levels. Some musicians struggle with lifelong disabilities that threaten their careers. For example, some of them have to contend with frequent low back pain that requires the intervention of a spine surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon would be amazing for your career.

Here’s why you should visit a spine surgeon:

  • To stop prolonged pain
A board certified spine surgeon can help with issues from paralysis and disabilities.

A board certified spine surgeon can help with issues from paralysis and disabilities.

The surgeon is a great professional to see if the lower back pain has troubled you for too long. If the lower back pain doesn’t disappear or get better within 2-12 weeks, you would have to consult the surgeon to see what he can do to make you well. Normally, the pain disappears on its own without any surgical procedure. Many times, non-surgical care remains ineffective, thus messing your plans and ensuring that you’re unable to continue singing or entertaining your fans.

  • To provide effective surgical care

The surgeon’s services are necessary, if he determines that you need more than non-surgical care. The surgeon can decide this if he notices that the cause of the low back pain you complain about all the time is an anatomical condition. Such conditions are capable of worsening the situation. For example, the lower back pain could develop into nerve pinching or spinal instability. The spine surgeon would then have to perform a procedure in order to rectify the anomaly.

  • To identify underlying causes

At this point, it’s worth stating that the decision on whether to go through surgery or not is almost entirely the patient’s to make. The decision can be made on the patient’s behalf if he’s diagnosed with abdominal aortic aneurysm or cauda equina syndrome. When diagnosed with these conditions, surgery would be required immediately. The surgeon would provide you with enough information highlighting the pros and cons of the procedure.

What you should do first

Before rushing to the spine surgeon, possibly because of the fears you harbor about low back pain bringing your career to an abrupt stop, you would have to examine the situation deeper. The intensity of the pain is something you need to evaluate thoroughly.  It would be good to try alleviating the pain using non-surgical procedures first. You would also have to see the surgeon if the low back pain hampers your ability to function or sing properly.

A singer needs to stand or sit for long while performing. The low back pain can make it impossible for you to do any of these. If you can no longer go to work, seeing a surgeon for treatment should be a matter of priority if you want to rescue your singing career. If you can no longer drive to the store to buy medication, the surgeon would be a great person to see. The surgeon becomes a priority in your life if pain stops you from living normally.

Therefore, call the spine surgeon today to make an appointment and save your singing career.