Contrary to popular opinion the life of a musician can be very hard. I am not talking here of the superstars who have made it, though I am talking about the majority of musicians who are still looking for that big break, who are probably working a full time job during the day, then trying to get gigs for the evening or weekend, and then actually performing those gigs.

It is a long tiring and time consuming experience, as many of you will know, and the reality is that many musicians burn out or get physically ill, so determined are they in their efforts to make it big in the music industry. Your body and mind are like a machine, they need to be looked after properly and running around all day every day and eating fast food on an almost daily basis is probably not in the instruction manual.

Everyone, especially musicians, should visit a naturopath.

Everyone, especially musicians, should visit a naturopath.

Whilst touring our drummer was constantly complaining of being back pain, being tired and exhausted and so we decided to take him to a naturopath in Calgary which was where we were at the time.

This was an enlightening experience for every member of the group, as we watched the doctor treat our friend. We have all become so accustomed to just taking a pill or medicine and that solving the problem, but one visit to the naturopath changed all of our lives.

A naturopath believes in natural healing, getting to the root cause of the issue, and once it has been fixed, ensuring if at all possible that it doesn’t return. They utilise many techniques and ideas, some of which have been around for many years and don’t involve putting various man made concoctions into your system.

Some of the more well-known naturopath methods of treatment include acupuncture, which is actually fantastic (originally the idea of having loads of pins stuck into me, didn’t particularly appeal, but the reality was totally different) homeopathy and herbal medicine.

I am now a total convert to these ideas and practices and recommend natural healing to anyone and everyone. It might not be the advice you would expect to hear from a rock star (I wish) but the reality is that it doesn’t matter how great a musician you are, if you are unwell then you cannot perform. You only get one body, so it is essential to look after it properly and do everything possible to make sure it keeps running smoothly.

I would even go so far as to say that this includes seeking advice and treatment prior to anything going wrong. Prevention is much better than cure, so find yourself a naturopath, and go book in for an appointment. They will discuss your lifestyle, diet and other things with you, and then give you some advice and recommendations. In my experience, once you follow these, you will find that you feel significantly better and perhaps you might even perform better as well.