Bob Gifford

One arm guitar player loves to play the blues. - “Damn right I got the blues. If you love your country then gotta love the Blues.”

At age 26 Bob suffered a devastating brain hemorrhage that brought him to the ground… Bob was left fully paralyzed on the left side of his body. Recovery was very slow… It took months of hard work, but eventually Bob fought his way out of a wheelchair after enduring a lot of physical therapy with pure determination… at age 50 Bob thought he’d at least try to play with one hand. It was a long, slow, and painful process… His one handed playing required heavy gauge strings and lots of hand pressure which resulted in painful deep cuts on his fingertips which he combats with surgical tape.  After a lot of practice he started going to open mic nights which brought back memories from those early years…

Sounds Like: Albert Collins, Albert King, Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, Freddie King

“Old School Blues” #music