Carpel Tunnel Dangers for Musicians

Excerpt from
Bass Player Magazine interview with bassist John Wetton of Asia who has a severe case of CT: "...We had fun putting the album together (Phoenix); the only drag was my hand problems."

What’s the current status of that? "Still not great, I’m afraid. It has been almost two years since I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a swelling of the casing around the nerves in my hand, causing them to be trapped. I had an operation a few months after diagnosis to relieve the pressure, but it hasn’t really helped. I need to have more surgery; I may have originally waited too long to treat it. My doctor said most cases like mine are among cellists because of the angle they hold their right hands at, to bow. For me, it started with a numb, pins-and-needles feeling, and now it can be painful and achy, quite unpleasant. I can’t even hold my phone, much less a pick. So we tape a thumb pick on my right thumb, and I can pretty much play only down strokes. Fortunately, being a lefty who plays right-handed, I’m able to fret the notes with my strong hand. Ultimately, this injury causes the muscles in the hand to wither, so my recommendation, if you discover symptoms, is to seek medical advice immediately."  

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