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The Future of Music is not what it used to be
It never was & it never will be

Gary Schooley ~ at the end of a long and winding road ~

A slightly vague and incomplete bio: My being, my body, part of my mind, was converted into living the life as a paraplegic long long ago the result of a fall striking and crushing my L-1 vertebrae on an iron railing.

I used to play bass guitar in a half dozen rock bands long ago in the San Francisco area where I was born and lived for 29 years. Playing was a joy, being on the stage, the music flowing and people dancing, and, getting paid for it!  When I wasn't playing I was dancing!

My rig was one Fender American Precision bass (no back up never needed one) and a Standell 150 watt amp with 2 ea. 15" speakers. Standell is no longer in business. During these years of playing, mind altering substances arrived in San Francisco and the band got into Acid Rock, our night clubs gigs faded, we played  a few big outdoor venues. I sold my equipment and went 'Back to the Land'  far up in the Northwest. 

Thirty Years Later (I’ll gradually fill in this space)

Cruzin the internet I found some players with Spinal Cord Injury who were actually working musicians. I contacted them and got inspired to put this site together. I myself pretty much forgot most of what I knew when I was playing in bands so it's all about new beginnings and starting over...

I play the bass almost every day, learn riffs from Bass Player magazine; rock, fusion, funk, modal jazz, classical, world music, sometimes adding notes that fit but don't sound like the original at all! I lengthen the riffs from these tunes, and being an amateur, I don't read music, only tabs, so I don't see the timing or spacing of the notes. What results are good sounding progressions that nobody would recognize, not even myself! This is about sound therapy and healing through music more than playing actual tunes. It is about my spiritual mind making music and healing the space that is the loss of a big part of my life, 'the use of my legs’. This space needs to be filled, it is healing day by day. When I move over into the next journey after this life is done, I'll have a penchant for music, and if I have to come back to earth again as a man, or woman(?) I'll be that musician for life, the one that has evaded me in this lifetime.

Understand that I do this as an amateur, for fun and relaxation, meditation & sound therapy - as an old one in a wheelchair, (I was born in 1938 do the math) this body don't get out to clubs much . So, home with four strings, an amplifier whose speakers send out vibrations throughout my body soothing my mind is what it's about, until...  Gray aka Bassinat66 garysgood@gmail.com

It is about to end - The trip was a good one - And at my age, looking back, it was good…
Time to sell most equipment, keep one amp and one bass…
Remember the dream, most of it came true.

The Bottom End 
The Bass - The Root The keeper of the Earth Holding Together the Universe Dreaming