Chris Cox - Guitarist -  Songwriter - Multiple Sclerosis
MS has dealt me permanent damage in my hands and feet. I have had to cut back most of my live playing. I have decided to keep writing and recording for now. If you have MS or know someone with MS you can share your story with Chris at:

On March 15th, 2006 Chris’ life changed. He was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). In terrible pain and with damage to his hands and feet, music was the last thought on his mind. With the possibility of being confined to a wheel chair and without full use of his hands, plans started to change. Chris’ guitar case didn’t open for nearly a year.
"Everyday is like starting over. I see what I can do and find new ways to do the rest. I give myself daily injections (Copaxone) and several other medications for pain and all of the other things that come with MS.
I am not ready to give up. I’m writing my story; MS will not write it for me. If you get a chance please read my bio on my website. Sometimes I walk with a cane and others not at all. I do what I can when I can. My hands are completely numb. It took sometime to get used to it. Now I write and type pretty good. The guitar has been a challenge though." -Chris

Chris hit the club scene around the age of sixteen with his home town rock bands. In his early 20’s he was head lining clubs in Dallas like Club DaDa, Trees and the Greenville Bar and Grill plus many others with his band La La Land. Chris also traveled outside of Texas with La La Land and got radio play in several markets. Tin Henry, a group Chris helped form, played with several national acts through their 10+ year run, also making a video which aired around the world for Blockbuster VH1 and MTV.

Years later Chris formed Automatic with childhood friends and bike builders Jason and Joe Martin. Playing bike shows in Las Vegas, and local clubs Chris had a much more relaxed schedule. He had made the musical journey full circle back to the style that first attracted him to music.

Life with MS