Jeff Moyer: Singer Songwriter Guitarist and advocate for human rights - Blind

Jeff Moyer is a 21st century renaissance man who works as songwriter, author, producer, public speaker, historian and advocate for human rights. His products and services represent over 35 years of work on the forefront of social change. He has created a range of music and interactive products that entertain, educate and inspire, and innovative productions on general and disability history. On his web site, listen to samples of tracks from Jeff’s nine albums, songs supporting inclusive schools, communities, hospice, music and innovative historical sound stories.

Jeff has served as a National Public Radio Morning Edition commentator has been featured on The CBS Evening News and 20/20, in National Geographic, and in a BBC documentary on the U. S. Disability Rights Movement. Jeff and Ted Kennedy, Jr., following Jeff's performance and Ted's presentation at the opening session of The Council for Exceptional Children's International Conference in Seattle, Washington, April, 2003

Jeff has twice been invited to the White House and has presented his unique blend of engaging original music, eloquent public speaking and humor to audiences in 47 states and internationally. Moyer is sought as a corporate motivational speaker, and keynote presenter for national and international conferences. The Highlights on his web site section provides a snapshot of public speaking history and a bibliography of Jeff’s diverse publications. Jeff Moyer’s products span a broad array of themes, styles, and genres. They are at work in settings from nursery schools through graduate schools, in homes and communities worldwide, and in numerous hospices and museums.

“Jeff Moyer’s music raises consciousness . . ..” Billboard Magazine 

“Jeff Moyer is an important and unique musician . . . His music, his message and his mission make us all whole.” -John McCutcheon, 1998 Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter


July 26th, 2008. Jeff Moyer's performance at The National Forum on Disability Issues: Presidential Candidates Forum.