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Wheelchair Nation was originally created in 2005 by Silas Slade with the intentions of providing the SCI community with a place to find free informative resources of information & a place for Spinal Cord Injured individuals to interact & share their experiences through community forums.  Silas S. Slade a C3/6 Quadriplegic since 1999 per a driving accident, has an Associates of Arts in Health Administration.

Paralinks: Gary Schooley a Paraplegic for over 30 years is the founder of Paralinks and has been rolling with it for 13 years. Due to health issues, the lack of time & the need to spend more time on other projects, the moment had arrived for Gary to roll away and turn his position over to a younger more energetic person with a personal relationship with SCI: Silas Slade.

In Memorium

John Callahan died on July 24, 2010, after a year-long battle with complications following surgery. He was 59 years old.

There's absolutely nothing funny about a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Unless, of course, that person is John Callahan. For nearly a decade, this irreverent cartoonist has been shocking America with his own special brand of wicked humor. In the world of Callahan, nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo and nothing is funnier!

John Callahan was adopted as an infant, and had five siblings. He began drinking at the age of fourteen. After the car accident that caused his spinal cord injury, he went through extensive rehabilitation. At the age of 27 he gave up drinking alcohol. He made his home in Portland, Oregon.

"John is the funniest man on four wheels."
Robin Williams

"He is either brilliant and savagely honest, or he is sick."
The New York Times

"This is not sick or exploitative humor, it is liberating. Callahan is not funny in spite of his 'dark stuff.' He is funny because of it.”
The Miami Herald

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