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July 23rd 2007

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A new feature from the Paralinks editor


First off, I have been editing Paralinks for a long time and for the first few years I did introduce myself; who I am how did I get here etc. But for the past six years or so I have remained incognito probably because what does it matter who cares etc. & as  I age, yes age, aging comes with life. But, and this has to be a 'but', aging in a wheelchair is different, it is rugged tough trying and tends to bring out emotional stress concern and yes even worries and I have never been a worrier! My exact age will be in a future NOTE. Does it matter? Yes.


NO EXCEPTIONS; OTHER THAN WHEN EATING, OR MAKING LOVE (or doing toilet duties) there are exceptions.

I went through the tough rugged wheeling in the rocks dirt sand snow forest trails using my bare hands (idiot) period in the early years of being a paraplegic. Time has been catching up with me so the idea is that maybe I can write down some NOTES that I know will help you younger folks in your future years that will arrive in the not so distant future. Some things are obvious that I know you don't pay attention to at all. I watched a young lady paraplegic on You Tube yesterday wheeling around town over curb cuts, zipping between walking folks all very adept and she was smooth, except: SHE WAS NOT WEARING GLOVES!

There is an article about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome somewhere in Paralinks that I'll dig out refresh and post in a conspicuous place for you SCI's to read. There is more, Arthritis, in the hands particularly, and also in the elbows and shoulders that should be addressed now before you get 'old' & you're going to get old no matter what you think while your young.

Carpel Tunnel release surgery has been preformed on both of my hands which was a total success and now the right thumb is getting injections of a Cortisone mixture every four to five months or so to keep major surgery at bay; the problem is an arthritic condition that causes pain resulting in not being able to use the full strength in my right hand.

The wearing of gloves protects your hands, fingers, wrists and gives you added strength now, and in your future.

Okay, enough for now, the last thing that needs to get into these NOTES is preaching.

Gary - July 23rd 2007

Next up: How I became a paraplegic; when how where maybe even philosophically why...