Musicians Who Overcome Great Odds For Their Music

The mother of all musicians who happen to be disabled sites, launched 2007. Time passes, and for me, age catches up and complications multiply for this paraplegic, and although I remain ‘active’ – time and energy levels dictate that… I’m still adding musicians who contact me, but no longer searching for them. My new project is getting my amateur poetry out there for comments reviews criticism whatever anyone wants to say about them.


Take a look at CAN-DO-MUSOS, a much more active, and with a four man staffed website rather than this one man operation, can increase the odds of your being ‘discovered’.

David Segal, Mike Mignogna and Andrew Hewitt, met with Dom Famularo at his studio in Port Jefferson, New York and discussed an idea to establish a worldwide organisation to help provide promotion and support to musicians with disabilities. Eventually we will be able to offer performance and touring opportunities in different parts of the world.

Can Do Musos is looking for musicians from all over the world to profile on our site, so far we have people from Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Venezuela and many others . If you would like to know more, please visit our website.

CAN-DO-MUSOS are excited to announce the launch of their Can-Do-Musos newsletter “Can-Do Musical Notes”. Each issue will be featuring stories on artists with challenges and goings on around Can-Do-Musos. Hope you enjoy the read.



Andrew Hewitt
“Australia’s Most Inspirational Drummer”

White Teeth

A good dental clinic is necessary for one to maintain proper oral hygiene. On the other hand, with a dental clinic that is not up to par, you have no clue as to whether you’re giving your teeth the best care or not. But then again, how can you tell that the dental clinic you have been frequenting is good or not? What qualities should you look out for? In this article, find out the answers to these questions.

Experienced practitioners

First and foremost, a good dental clinic must have well-trained dentists. To an extent, a dental practice is only as good as the people who work there. After all, even with the best machines in place, dentists are still needed to carry out the services. In that regard, look for a dental clinic where the practitioners are accredited. If they belong to dentistry board or have awards for outstanding work, even better.

Full range of dental services

Next, an excellent dental facility should be able to provide you with any dental service that you need. It’s common to find dental clinics that only offer cosmetic procedures or those that only offer non-cosmetic procedures. This is all well and good. However, a clinic that provides a full range of dental services is better as you can source all your treatments from one provider, be it a root canal, teeth whitening service, dental implants or a simple teeth whitening.

All-family service

If you have a family, the other thing you should look for in a dental clinic is whether they are a family clinic as well. A family clinic is one that serves patients of any age, from adults to children, and even the elderly. Such a clinic offers great convenience because your entire family, and even your extended family, can seek dental care from the same facility or even the same dentist.

Emergency services

One can have a dental emergency on their hands at any given time. When this happens, you want to be able to visit your regular dental clinic. Unfortunately, not all dental clinics offer emergency services. That said, find a dental clinic that offers emergency services. This entails being open at odd hours, including weekends. After all, you never know when you might chip a tooth or come down with a gum infection.

Friendly staff

Last but not least, look out for the staff. And this includes the dentists themselves. They should be friendly at every stage of the way, from how they take your calls to how they talk to you at the clinic. The dentists should be easy to talk to. They should also be willing to explain your situation to you, as opposed to just treating you.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a dental clinic, come to us at Whittier Square Dentistry. We are a full-service family dental clinic with the best staff and the latest dental equipment. We also offer cosmetic services as well as emergency services.

What To Expect After Breast Augmentation

It takes a long thought process to decide whether or not to have surgery, especially if it’s an optional breast augmentation surgery. As with any surgical procedure, a breast augmentation surgery is very personal. More so, it will impact your life in some ways. Below, find out just what you should expect after a boob job. This will only allow you to decide whether to get the surgery; it will also enable you to understand fully how it will impact your life.

Increased self-confidence

Many women that seek a breast augmentation surgery do so because, at some level, they feel that their bodies will be complete with larger breasts. This is particularly the case for women with small breasts. When comparing themselves to other women, they might feel that they are not as attractive, sexy or complete. If you fall into this category, a breast enlargement surgery will help to improve your self-confidence at work, in social circles, and on a personal level.

Attention from the opposite sex

Breasts are a very sexual part of the woman’s female anatomy. As a result, therefore, you should expect to get more attention from the opposite sex if you do get larger breasts. Although this is not always the reason for seeking the surgery, it is a result that should be expected, especially if you are getting a cup size that is above the average standard. So if you are planning to start dating soon, the surgery could help to ease your way back into the dating scene.

The need for a new wardrobe

Not many women think about this, but if you are going to enlarge your breasts, you might find that your clothes don’t fit you as well after that. If you are getting just a small adjustment, you might not need a wardrobe adjustment. However, if you are planning to go several cup sizes larger, it is likely that you will need larger clothes as well. This includes bras, tops, and even dresses.

Chest fatigue

A breast augmentation also comes at a small cost, and not the financial one. Because your body is so used to the breasts you have at the moment, you might experience some chest fatigue after the augmentation surgery. This is due to the strain applied to your body as it tries to handle the increased weight of your breasts. This fatigue is uncommon for small adjustments. However, it is common for drastic augmentations.

Implant maintenance

Last but not least, expect some level of maintenance where your new implants are concerned. For example, immediately after surgery, you will be required to ensure that your wound stays clean to avoid an infection. After that, you will be needed to take care of your breasts to prevent the risk of leaking or rupture. And over time, you will be required to replace the implants once they reach their maximum lifespan.

If you are thinking about seeking a boob job, we offer the best breast augmentation San Diego has to offer. Contact us for a consultation where we shall explain all the details you need to know about beforehand.

Wrist Wraps

Physical activity has been an integral part of human history and is as old as humanity. With the shocking statistics on obesity, more and more people are participating in physical activities. Physical fitness is also highly regarded in the modern day world, thus pushing more people into taking part in those activities.

Any physical activity, however, carries with it the risk of injury. We have seen it during international sporting events such as World Cup, Premier Leagues, the Olympics among others and even during our local events. Most participants opt out due to injuries which vary in degree. Some could take out an athlete just for a few months before they’re back to full recovery and back to competitive performance. All the same, for some it’s the end of their careers in competitive performance.

It is because of such reality that the wrist wrap is used, as a protective measure. A wrist wrap (also known as a hand wrap) is a piece of cloth that protects the wrist and hand from injury during sport. It is more commonly used in boxing and other combat sports, but has become a necessity in weight lifting and pressing movements. The wrap shields the wrist when additional weight is added.

Ordering for wrist wraps is very easy as many fitness centers offer that service online. But how does one get the best in the industry? No one can afford to be injured as it costs a lot in terms of time and money and slows down the realization of one’s goals. If the risk of injury is so high, how does one ensure that they buy a wrap that will give maximum reduction to the risk? Essential Fitness answers this question confidently. The Muscle Review voted Essential Fitness wraps the best in the industry for two consecutive years; 2015 and 2016 with a 4.9 rating. The review heralds the wraps as providing great support, comfortable, superb in quality and performance and beautiful in appearance. The customer reviews also go on and on about how great the product is. When everyone is talking so highly about something, it is worth your attention. It’s evident why most people think it is the top rated wrist wraps for lifting in 2016.

You will find the specifications of the product on their website. They sell their wraps in pairs: 14 inches long, 3 inches wide, 50% cotton, 40% elastic, 10% polyester. They have a reinforced thumb loop and come with an Essential Fitness 6 month hassle free warranty. They have excellent customer service. You will find any information you might need on their website, and if one requires further clarification, they have given their contacts so you can reach them. They have different colors too for the customer that loves to experiment with color.

There is more excitement for the buyers as they have a sale at the moment. Take advantage of these deals and get yourself the best wraps for weightlifting. Reduce the risk of injury: remember you can’t afford it!

Staggering World Health Organization (WHO) statistics indicate that worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. It goes further to say that in 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these, over 600 million were obese. That translates to, 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2014, and 13% were obese. The more shocking truth is that most of the world’s population lives in countries where being overweight and obese kills more people than being underweight.

Given such data, no wonder the buzz around weight loss and keeping fit. Leading a healthy lifestyle has become not only a necessity, but a survival tactic. Fitness centers have mushroomed all over the world People are encouraged to participate in physical activities and check their daily portions in an attempt to reduce the percentage of overweight and obese people. However, the reality is that most of those adults are too busy for regular exercise routines. Their jobs demand most of their time, and when they are not at work, they are busy raising their families. Most end up too tired to sustain regular exercise and too demoralized since it takes too much effort to lose weight through exercise and diet.

Unfortunately, these adults have ended up falling prey to unscrupulous dietary schemes. These unscrupulous business people promise quick and easy results with little effort. Most people at this point are gullible because society also does not help matters. Obese and overweight people tend to be discriminated against, bullied both emotionally and physically and frowned upon as not reflecting beauty. We associate beauty and acceptance with being slender. In fact, even people who are neither overweight nor obese are trying to lose weight to conform to society’s standard of beautiful or successful. The idea of a “quick fix” would sound like music to the ears. The result? The trickster gets money while victim not only fails to achieve their goals, but also ends up having their lives endangered due to phoney products that may not meet the safety standard mark.

Not all hope is lost though as there is always original to every cheap imitation. A way has been found of losing weight in a way that is safe, efficient and affordable. The name of the weight loss product is Garcinia Cambogia, tropical fruit. Given a four-star rating by the weight loss product review, the supplement offers what other fad diets have failed to achieve. Proven by research and studies, the supplement enables weight loss through reducing appetite and suppressing the need for hunger and blocking citrate lyase, an enzyme responsible for turning food into fat. Hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in the formulation makes it possible to reduce appetite and block citrate lyase.

Weight loss product reviews are important as they give the consumer a rough idea as to whether the product works or not. The website is an excellent starting point for anyone who would like to lose weight and keep the healthy lifestyle in check, but may not have as much time to commit to long-term methods such as exercise.


Making an appointment with a professional naturopath is something every musician must embrace. The benefits that a musician, especially one struggling with a disability, can obtain from naturopathy are unmatched. First, the naturopath provides holistic treatment. Next, they use a combination of complementary as well as natural medicines to address the illnesses the patient suffers and ensuring the musician regains complete health. Naturopathy is a natural way of boosting the musician’s health and well being.

How does the visit to a naturopath Calgary’s clinic help a musician’s career?

It provides a holistic approach to proper healthcare

The holistic approach recognizes the importance of addressing the physical ailments that a patient feels. It doesn’t ignore any mental and emotional issues that make a person feel sick. A physically challenged musician needs this level of expertise. The treatment offered tackles the root causes of the diseases or disability that the musician experiences, which hinder him from singing or playing musical instruments and performing to his audience. The treatment doesn’t limit itself to the overt symptoms, thus ensuring the sickness doesn’t return after treatment.

It is natural medicine

Natural medicine works better for some people compared to other types of medicine. The treatment plan that the naturopath recommends, focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself. The treatments are not only natural, but also safe and gentle. What’s more, the naturopath can personalize treatment based on the patient’s individual needs. The naturopath is trained to use several natural techniques to ensure the patient responds well to treatment. Some of these techniques include:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Dietary advice
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Homoeopathy
  • Flower essences
  • Iridology

It works whether you’re sick or healthy

1neuropathyIt’s okay to visit a doctor when sick. With naturopathy, however, you don’t have to be sick to visit the doctor. When healthy, visit the naturopath for a chance to receive a full breakdown of your health status. The modalities the naturopath may use include live blood analysis to perform a complete assessment of your general health. This way, he’s able to identify areas of your health that could do with some improvement. He might advise or recommend some supplements worth taking if you’re to maintain and enjoy good health, which is essential to your career.

It treats wide-ranging ailments and conditions

Naturopaths have the training and skills required to deal with wide-ranging ailments and conditions. They possess the knowledge needed to advise and educate patients on healthy lifestyle changes. They can assist a musician who suffers allergies, asthma, and arthritis conditions. They can help with back pain. The naturopath is able to assist a patient diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation or depression. A musician’s career is replete with too much pressure, which can hinder him from performing optimally.

Therefore, you should have no trouble visiting naturopath Calgary’s clinic for an opportunity to receive natural treatment after reading this guideline. Your success as a musician hinges on many factors. One such factor is your health. The naturopath can help you enjoy excellent health. He can offer advice on the measures to take or lifestyle changes to make for your health to improve significantly. Naturopathy is an alternative and natural medicine, thus doesn’t have the side-effects that are common with other types.


Pimples are common among teenagers. However, the pimples can be something entirely different and make the teen’s life unbearable. Cystic acne occurs when pimples break out deep in the skin.

Cystic acne is caused by:

  • Overactive oil glands
  • Hereditary factors
  • Excess dead cells within the pores
  • Squeezing or picking the affected parts of the body
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes

The condition is worse when the breakouts are not only reddish but also large and painful. The good news is that the breakouts are treatable. Cystic acne can last on the skin for years. For this reason, you should learn how to get rid of cystic acne.

The home has numerous items you can use for treating cystic acne, and they include:

Baking soda

You only need about 1-2 tablespoon of baking soda. Next, mix it with water to make a fine paste. After that, apply the paste on the affected part of the body. Baking soda is effective because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It absorbs excess oil and exfoliates the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

get-rid-of-cyst-warm-compressThe effectiveness of apple cider vinegar is due to its ability to stabilize the natural pH levels within the skin. As long as you do it well and give apple cider vinegar to work, you will have succeeded in preventing future outbreaks.

Tea Tree Oil

The natural antibacterial properties found in tea tree oil make it highly effective at treating cystic acne properly. You don’t have to dash to the doctor, dermatologist or the local drug store when you see scary pimples emerging all over your body. Apply tea tree oil and give it time to work.

Egg White

The treatment for cystic acne that has made you feel uneasy about standing in front of other people to sing and entertain them is found in egg white. Egg white is full of proteins and riboflavin. The two play a crucial role in clearing the skin and leaving it smooth.

Coconut Oil

You won’t find a better hydrating agent than coconut oil. The antibacterial properties found in coconut oil are highly effective in eradicating acne from the skin. For the best results, you should use unrefined coconut oil.

Clay Mask

Make a mask from clay and use it to eliminate cystic acne from the skin. Clay’s ability to do a good job stems from the fact that it is capable of cleaning and exfoliating the skin. It also removes excess oil while eliminating all the dead cells on your skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains amazing healing qualities. Its soothing properties make it capable of dealing with cystic acne decisively. Its anti-inflammatory properties ensure that the skin doesn’t develop swellings, which are hallmarks of cystic acne.

Therefore, use this list to find a great way of dealing with cystic acne and ensuring that your skin is pimple-free. Don’t forget to apply the right amount of the home remedies listed here. As it’s the case with all types of treatments, implement these solutions in moderation.

For more information on how to get rid of cystic acne, you should seek the input of doctors or see your dermatologist. Nonetheless, the remedies listed here are not known for producing any side effect, which is the norm with drugs and different forms of medication.


We’ve been getting some questions about plastic surgery, more specifically rhinoplasty as it’s the most common type of plastic surgery. So we figured we would write a nice informative piece on this procedure if you are interested in this and have some questions. Hope you enjoy it!

The nose is recorded as the most injured facial bone. When and if you fracture your nose, it’s important that you have an ENT doctor evaluate the extent of the damage to see if there’s a presence of a septal hematoma.

When not drained correctly, the clot in the nasal septum causes infection and in some instances leads to long-term nasal deformity.

In cases where a perforation develops, a Rhinoplasty specialist performs Septal perforation repairs and Rhinoplasty procedures simultaneously thus achieving the best clinical outcomes.

When the two surgical procedures are performed together, the patient avoids unnecessary anesthesia, prevents the risk of having multiple surgeries, and he/she benefits from the best clinical outcome.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Last?  

When the nose surgery (nose job) is done by an experienced and dedicated surgeon and is done correctly, it should last a lifetime. Given the successful celebrity Rhinoplasty procedures, today, nose surgery is the biggest cosmetic procedure in the world.

Fortunately, other than for beauty purposes, a successful nose surgery corrects many ailments including:

  • Crooked Noses
  • Oversized noses
  • Fixes problems with breathing
  • Reduces humps

The purpose of cosmetic Rhinoplasty is to enhance the natural beauty of the nose. Today, many surgeons are conducting nose jobs with an emphasis on preserving the patient’s nose ethnic look.


Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed under general or local anesthesia. The conditions are, however, dependent on the exact procedure and the patient’s preference. As a cosmetic process, Rhinoplasty can be performed in the following settings:

  • Outpatient surgical centers
  • Surgeon’s office
  • Hospital

Complex procedures may call for the patient’s stay in a hospital. For cosmetic purposes, the surgical procedures take between 1-2 hours and ins some instances it takes a while longer.

Local or General Anesthesia

While under local anesthesia, the surgeon numbs the nose and the area around the nose. The patient is lightly sedated and should he/she wake up as the surgery is underway there will be no pain felt.

Under general anesthesia, the patient sleeps all through the process and has to be woken after the surgery is done.

A Rhinoplasty surgical procedure is done through an incision that the surgeon performs inside the nostrils. In some methods, the cut is made from the exterior around the nose’s base.

The second procedure helps the doctor work on the nose’s tip as he/she can perform a cartilage graft with ease. For some noses, the surgeon inserts a plastic or metal splint on the nose’s exterior to help maintain the new bone shape after the procedure.

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Some of the reasons people have nose jobs include:

  • Narrowing the opening of the nostrils
  • Righting birth defects or injury
  • Increasing or minimizing the size of the nose
  • Relieving breathing problems
  • Altering the shape of the nasal bridge or the tip
  • Adjusting the angle between the upper lip and the nose


Note: a majority of Rhinoplasty surgeons opts to perform nose surgery after the nasal bone has grown sufficiently. For the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Boston get in touch with us!


Athletics Strengthening Institute is unlike any other gym. They render their services in a personalized one-on-one environment. Whether you want a focused training program to suit your lifestyle or want an alternative Crossfit, they are your ideal training institute.

Come and get training from Kansas City’s highly qualified, well-trained and experienced personal trainers. There performance strengthening institute’s design helps every individual enhance fitness levels and athletic abilities.

The workout regimes are complex, designed to help signees push beyond their limitations. They’ve trained athletes in the following fields; professional soccer, NFL, college athletics, MLB, The Olympic Games and Professional basketball disciplines.

With their training routines, you will not share any training equipment, and each workout program is tailored to suit individual needs and requirements.

The methods they use at our facility provide every individual with professional performance training matching division-1 college athletes training.

interactiveSome of the training services they train in their institute include:

  • Strength, Speed, Power and Agility coaching (Sports Performance Training techniques)
  • Flexibility
  • Quarterback/Pitcher Arm care Programs
  • Pro Day/NFL Combine Preparation
  • Core stability and balance
  • Nutrition
  • Metabolic resistance training
  • Recovery
  • Power and Plyometrics

Regardless of the sport you play, they are the ideal athletics strengthening institute you need to push beyond your limits.

Different Training Disciplines

Every athlete demands a different set of skills. Their individualized training sessions are undertaken by trainers focused on helping athletes meet their individual goals. Our coaches work with individuals to craft the right workout regimen.

Whether you need to improve your sprint speed, power, lateral quickness or agility, their trainers work with you to develop a challenging workout routine that will enhance your athleticism.

How We Help Athletes Ready Their Bodies

At the Institute, they know that sports performance kansas city is everything an athlete needs to be the best. They use state-of-the-art strength equipment designed for maximum performance. They’re an institute that ensures every trainee achieves their fitness and athletic potential.

They are also big on nutrition. It’s a fact that players at any level should give their bodies proper nutrients that allow them to train properly, play better and hasten their recovery.

The right diet/nutrition helps keep nagging small injuries likely to hamper your performance at bay. After studying the athlete’s training regimen, their nutritionist advises on modifications that assist the athlete to enhance his/her performance and their ability to recover quickly.

Student Trainers

Coaching student athletes is a fete that their trainers take pride in. Students are energetic, focused and have a sincere desire to improve their athleticism.

At Athletics Strengthening Institute they thrive in coaching student athletes because together they create a sound foundation for these athletes.

Their trainers help students build quality and safe exercise routines; they also assist them to realize the importance of their overall health and wellness.

They coach students from different sporting disciplines and hence the reason they administer personalized, challenging and encouraging training programs. They are a training facility that helps students realize their potential and design them to become champs!

For a tour of this facility and to get tailored-made training regimens, please visit their page the Athletics Strengthening Institute.


Some people are born with disabilities. Others develop disabilities due to illnesses, accidents and injuries sustained from falls or slips. Some medications also cause disabilities. Musicians are not exempt from developing disabilities. The beauty of it all is that physiotherapy can help anybody who has a disability. In fact, you can benefit from physiotherapy even when you don’t have any disability.

So, why should a musician seek the input of a physiotherapist?

For relief from chronic pain

carpal-tunnel-musicianThe musician’s biggest asset is the voice. Some musicians insure their voices. However, other parts of the body are equally crucial assets. The hands and legs need just as much attention, especially if the musician uses his fingers to play musical instruments. Some body parts experience too much pain. Chronic pain makes it impossible for you to perform your daily tasks. A physiotherapist identifies the source of the pain before prescribing the right treatment.

For recovery during and after pregnancy

The body needs plenty of attention during pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period. A musician needs help from a physiotherapist if she is to continue performing at high levels just after giving birth. She also needs plenty of attention during pregnancy and before giving birth. The ever changing hormone levels make the ligaments soft while stretching them out. In such scenarios, the musician can injure her back. The physiotherapist helps the female musician too:

  • Learn proper techniques for supporting her back and protecting the body
  • Learn proper exercises for supporting her back and protecting the body

For recovery during and after surgical procedures

It’s common for a musician with a disability to seek surgical treatments. The work of the physiotherapist is to provide the musician with a detailed assessment before the surgical procedure. The physiotherapist also has the task of explaining to the musician the exercises worth performing before and after surgery. The physiotherapist even teaches the patients how to cough properly while going through surgeries on the chest or heart.

For relief of neurological diseases and chronic conditions

Cerebral palsy is quite debilitating. It hampers the patient’s ability to move around smoothly. Other conditions that have a similar effect on the patient include stroke, spinal cord injuries, Substantia Nigra and Parkinson’s disease. A physiotherapist helps patients to live with such conditions. The musician is able to enjoy an improved quality of life after receiving help from an expert physiotherapist. Furthermore, the physiotherapist:

  • Helps his patients to be more independent
  • Helps his patients to live normally

For assistance with your training regime

Musicians need to exercise a lot. Many musicians suffer injuries repeatedly. A physiotherapist can provide the help you need in such cases. He helps you through the injuries and ensures you never have to experience any form of injury while exercising. If you take up some new types of activities, the physiotherapist will look at your history and advise you how best to exercise without hurting your body.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that musicians need physiotherapists. The physiotherapist is a great asset in the career of a budding and experienced musician. He helps his patients to overcome a life of injuries and chronic pain, thus making it easier for them to perform optimally. He also helps the patients to overcome or prevent joint mobility and muscle wasting. For more information on physiotherapy, visit Battersea Physiotherapy Clinic.

Some of the most popular and highly successful singers had to overcome great odds to reach where they are. Some of them had to go through medical procedures to be able to sing and perform at optimal levels. Some musicians struggle with lifelong disabilities that threaten their careers. For example, some of them have to contend with frequent low back pain that requires the intervention of a spine surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon would be amazing for your career.

Here’s why you should visit a spine surgeon:

  • To stop prolonged pain
A board certified spine surgeon can help with issues from paralysis and disabilities.

A board certified spine surgeon can help with issues from paralysis and disabilities.

The surgeon is a great professional to see if the lower back pain has troubled you for too long. If the lower back pain doesn’t disappear or get better within 2-12 weeks, you would have to consult the surgeon to see what he can do to make you well. Normally, the pain disappears on its own without any surgical procedure. Many times, non-surgical care remains ineffective, thus messing your plans and ensuring that you’re unable to continue singing or entertaining your fans.

  • To provide effective surgical care

The surgeon’s services are necessary, if he determines that you need more than non-surgical care. The surgeon can decide this if he notices that the cause of the low back pain you complain about all the time is an anatomical condition. Such conditions are capable of worsening the situation. For example, the lower back pain could develop into nerve pinching or spinal instability. The spine surgeon would then have to perform a procedure in order to rectify the anomaly.

  • To identify underlying causes

At this point, it’s worth stating that the decision on whether to go through surgery or not is almost entirely the patient’s to make. The decision can be made on the patient’s behalf if he’s diagnosed with abdominal aortic aneurysm or cauda equina syndrome. When diagnosed with these conditions, surgery would be required immediately. The surgeon would provide you with enough information highlighting the pros and cons of the procedure.

What you should do first

Before rushing to the spine surgeon, possibly because of the fears you harbor about low back pain bringing your career to an abrupt stop, you would have to examine the situation deeper. The intensity of the pain is something you need to evaluate thoroughly.  It would be good to try alleviating the pain using non-surgical procedures first. You would also have to see the surgeon if the low back pain hampers your ability to function or sing properly.

A singer needs to stand or sit for long while performing. The low back pain can make it impossible for you to do any of these. If you can no longer go to work, seeing a surgeon for treatment should be a matter of priority if you want to rescue your singing career. If you can no longer drive to the store to buy medication, the surgeon would be a great person to see. The surgeon becomes a priority in your life if pain stops you from living normally.

Therefore, call the spine surgeon today to make an appointment and save your singing career.

A disability can mess your life up and make it harder to perform optimally. If you sing for a living, the disability can make it hard for you to show up for an event where you were to earn good money after singing. The disability might make it harder for you to show up at the studio to record a song. A disability can discourage you. Nevertheless, you have the option of using nootropics, also known as smart drugs, to improve your performances despite the disability.

What’s great about nootropics?

  1. Enhance Concentration
Nootropics can help artists to get past blocks and mental hurdles and work on their craft.

Nootropics can help artists to get past blocks and mental hurdles and work on their craft.

It’s easy for the disability to leave you feeling discouraged. If this happens, your concentration levels are likely to drop significantly. Nootropics are capable of improving your concentration levels more than you ever hoped. Soon, you will have no problem belting out a hit after a hit. Some disabilities make it harder for you to focus on a single task for long. The nootropics can help with that too by making you capable of concentrating intensely for long hours.

  1. Enhancing Memory

A singer has to remember specific notes and keys. A good singer should not forget the words of a song. Unfortunately, a disability can make this happen. Retrieving important information from memory can be a bit difficult for many people. Over the years, Nootropics have demonstrated capacity for enhancing memory. By using them, you will no longer struggle retrieving the crucial information you need to sing directly from your memory.

  1. Boosts Brain Health

The brain suffers a lot when exposed to poor diets and busy schedules. Nootropics improve the overall health of the brain. The smart drugs also boost memory. Furthermore, the smart drugs improve the brain’s ability to analyze data. The drugs, make sure that oxygen flows well to the brain. It relaxes the brainwaves thus making them more efficient. The drugs have proven effective when used by patients with Alzheimer’s.

  1. Improved Moods

Nootropics improve your moods every time you take them. A disability can leave you feeling low. Foul mood makes more people unable to concentrate. Foul mood makes it easier for many people to focus on particular tasks. You can’t sing well if you’re in a foul mood. Your mood worsens if you struggle with irregular sleep and poor eating habits. Take some smart drugs to improve your moods, and you will be back singing well within no time.

It’s worth pointing out that the nootropics can only help you if taken correctly. You need the right dose. You also need the perfect combination of smart drugs to begin seeing positive results in your life. As long as you do it right, you should not struggle singing despite the annoying disability that has become a permanent feature of your life. For what it’s worth, the smart drugs are also wonderful anti-aging tool.

Therefore, bring your singing career back on track with the nootropics. Take the drugs as a way of restoring the dwindling concentration levels. Use the drugs to improve your memory and boost general health of the brain. Take the drugs to keep your moods up instead of walking around with a foul mood, thus making it hard to sing and entertain you fans well. Follow this guideline on nootropics from today and see your singing career blossom right before your eyes.

You can read more about all Nootropics issues in the Nootropics Journal.

Medical Malpractice Law

It’s so easy to think that you deserve nothing better in life because of an existing disability. If you feel that a recent medical treatment botched because of negligence on the part of your doctor, you should not take this situation lying down.

You deserve better and your Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer is the best person to speak to for assistance. As a musician, you must do everything possible to protect your career, especially if you struggle with a disability.

Medical negligence can reverse all the gains you have made in your career as a musician. Each person has a different experience from medical malpractice. Some people are alert to realize they are victims of negligence of a doctor as soon as it happens.

Other people take too long to realize that a mistake took place. Some might even believe that what they’re going through is the result of an existing disability. So, what are the consequences of medical malpractice that all musicians must know?

  • Chronic pain

If your current disability has only been an inconvenience and nothing more, medical negligence can worsen the situation by introducing chronic pain into your life. The chronic pain could focus on one area or feel like it’s from all over your body.

  • Worsening disability

Medical negligence is capable of making your disability worse. When a physician doesn’t do a good job of treating you, he exposes you to the likelihood of suffering a worsening of your pre-existing disability.

  • Increased medical bills

You might have to contemplate seeking further treatment to treat the chronic pain. You might even have to go back to the hospital to treat the worsening disability. This exposes you to increased medical bills, which eat further into your finances, thus likely to render you a pauper.

  • Disfigurement

For example, if the hair transplant you went to the hospital for was unsuccessful, you might have to seek the help of a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer would tell you that you have a solid case, especially if the botched procedure caused disfigurement.

  • Lost opportunities

As a musician who relies on more gigs to make a living, you have every right to cry foul if the medical malpractice leads to lost opportunities. The malpractice might make you incapable of traveling around to entertain your fans and make some money in the process.

  • Lost wages

You’re entitled to claim compensation for lost wages. If the defendant’s negligence leads to loss of wages and the ability to earn more as a musician, your lawyer should ask the court to award you a rightful amount as compensation based on how long you’re likely to continue suffering.

  • Mental distress and prolonged suffering

Mental distress is a non-economic effect of medical malpractice. If the negligence made you suffer mentally, you should let your lawyer know so that he includes this element in the lawsuit. Let your lawyer know that the malpractice made you worried that death will follow.

Other consequences of medical negligence that you must inform your Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer about include loss of consortium, inability to enjoy the pleasures of life and permanent los of function. Hire a lawyer to help you instead of suffering in silence.

Poor dental health can affect your ambitions of being a successful singer. Your career could be over before it begins if you’re diagnosed with any form of dental disability. The good news is that you’re not helpless but can take proactive measures to enjoy the success your talent warrants. First, you have to understand the different types of disabilities that are extremely risky to your career.

Types of dental disabilities

Serious dental problems can cause issues for musicians (especially singers).

Serious dental problems can cause issues for musicians (especially singers).

Some of the disabilities that are capable of interfering with your dental health include:

  • Dental caries
  • Periodontal disease
  • Dentoalveolar trauma

You have to be mentally strong to overcome the disability and enjoy life fully. Some of the greatest musicians in the world today have overcome great challenges placed along their paths to be where they are. Success doesn’t come easy, whether you struggle with a disability or not. You have to find a way of motivating yourself when nobody else will.

Dental disabilities are bad for several reasons, which include:

  1. They diminish quality of life that you enjoy
  2. They prevent you from participating actively in what life brings your way
  3. They can delay or change your ability to grow and develop
  4. They restrict your ability to eat nutritious foods that you need for growth and energy

A dental disability is painful and causes an infection. It also destabilizes your dental or oral health thus making you unable to do some of the most mundane tasks. As a singer, you rely on your oral health to belt out some amazing tunes. If you have poor dental health, your ability to express yourself well by singing would be affected thus denying you the success you crave.

So, what can you do to overcome the dental disability and be able to sing well once more?

Visit the dentist

First, you have to visit the best Santa Clarita dentist. Rise above your fear of the dentist. What you consider a death sentence might be nothing more than an inconvenience that the dentist only needs a single session to remedy. The more you postpone going to the dentist for treatment, the higher your chances of ending up with a serious infection that affects the entire body.

Failure to seek medical attention early could put you at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Don’t be afraid to inform the dentist your fear of visiting dental clinic. Seek treatment for the annoying tooth decay early enough. Visit the dental clinic to let the dentist know about that gum disease that has affected your ability to sing and enjoy a successful career.

Singing is good for your general health, as it releases endorphins that make you a happy person. Poor dental health can affect your vocal tract, thus making it harder to sing well. You need plenty of creativity and energy to succeed as a singer. Success would be hard to achieve if your dental health is in a horrible state. Let the dentist examine your teeth, jaw and gum thoroughly.

Therefore, check what other musicians have overcome despite facing overwhelming odds.

It’s common for people with disabilities to take a backseat in life and not be as prominent as they should. Many disabled individuals want to struggle alone. They don’t want the rest of the world exposed to their disabilities. In fact, disabilities affecting the penis tend to make the patients more reserved and laidback than normal. Nonetheless, a disability is not a good reason for not enjoying life or singing and pursuing an active career in music.

So, why should you sing or pursue a career in music, despite your penile disability?

  • Music keeps you going
Men's health issues are important to keep in mind, especially when disabled or paralyzed.

Men’s health issues are important to keep in mind, especially when disabled or paralyzed.

Music inspires. Therefore, you’re likely to feel reinvigorated to continue forging ahead with your plans if you take your interest in singing to the next level. Music and singing will inspire you through various hurdles that you face. Channel the hurt you feel from the disability into composing music and singing passionately. Singing about your disability gives you the emotional uplifting you need to forget your disability or cast it aside in the background.

  • Playing Music and Singing is a good way of expressing your emotions

Playing music provides you with an outlet for all the different emotions that fill your mind. For example, if your girl left you citing your small penis as the reason for doing this, you could turn to music and singing to express your true emotions. Pent-up emotions can destroy you. Singing offers the release needed to lead a normal life while staying free of worries that can deter you from making meaningful progress in anything you do.

  • It stimulates the brain

It’s easy for your brain to focus on the penile condition, such as phimosis, that your doctor diagnosed you with the last time you consulted him. In such instances, the brain would lead to negative emotions that keep you from finding enjoyment in your day-to-day activities. Singing provides the stimulation the brain needs to appreciate that there’s more to life than a penile disability.

  • It can improve physical health

Music guarantees a healthy heart. Singing enhances the state of your mental capabilities. Singing is a great way of exercising your lungs well. Singing boosts the immune system. For this reason, your penile malformation should not dissuade you from singing. The health benefits you derive from singing dwarf any negative self-esteem you be experiencing from the diagnosis of rare penile conditions such as hypospadias, epispadias or Peyronie’s Disease.  Read more about Penile health issues at

  • Singing promotes happiness

Singing despite your penile disability is a great way of making yourself happy. The brain releases endorphins (which are known as the feel-good hormones) every time you sing. Singing feels you with great memories, which are the nuts and bolts of happiness. As stated earlier, singing gives you a platform for expressing yourself. Singing is fun. If your disability has made you a sad individual, take up singing and see the change.

Therefore, stop focusing on your disability, but spend more time singing and making great music. Singing makes you emotionally strong. If your penile disability has made you incapable of performing and enjoying a satisfying sexual encounters, pursue singing to give your life meaning. Other singers have enjoyed a great career despite their disabilities, as shown here. You should not forget that it’s possible to do something about your penile disability.

Contrary to popular opinion the life of a musician can be very hard. I am not talking here of the superstars who have made it, though I am talking about the majority of musicians who are still looking for that big break, who are probably working a full time job during the day, then trying to get gigs for the evening or weekend, and then actually performing those gigs.

It is a long tiring and time consuming experience, as many of you will know, and the reality is that many musicians burn out or get physically ill, so determined are they in their efforts to make it big in the music industry. Your body and mind are like a machine, they need to be looked after properly and running around all day every day and eating fast food on an almost daily basis is probably not in the instruction manual.

Everyone, especially musicians, should visit a naturopath.

Everyone, especially musicians, should visit a naturopath.

Whilst touring our drummer was constantly complaining of being back pain, being tired and exhausted and so we decided to take him to a naturopath in Calgary which was where we were at the time.

This was an enlightening experience for every member of the group, as we watched the doctor treat our friend. We have all become so accustomed to just taking a pill or medicine and that solving the problem, but one visit to the naturopath changed all of our lives.

A naturopath believes in natural healing, getting to the root cause of the issue, and once it has been fixed, ensuring if at all possible that it doesn’t return. They utilise many techniques and ideas, some of which have been around for many years and don’t involve putting various man made concoctions into your system.

Some of the more well-known naturopath methods of treatment include acupuncture, which is actually fantastic (originally the idea of having loads of pins stuck into me, didn’t particularly appeal, but the reality was totally different) homeopathy and herbal medicine.

I am now a total convert to these ideas and practices and recommend natural healing to anyone and everyone. It might not be the advice you would expect to hear from a rock star (I wish) but the reality is that it doesn’t matter how great a musician you are, if you are unwell then you cannot perform. You only get one body, so it is essential to look after it properly and do everything possible to make sure it keeps running smoothly.

I would even go so far as to say that this includes seeking advice and treatment prior to anything going wrong. Prevention is much better than cure, so find yourself a naturopath, and go book in for an appointment. They will discuss your lifestyle, diet and other things with you, and then give you some advice and recommendations. In my experience, once you follow these, you will find that you feel significantly better and perhaps you might even perform better as well.

Bob Gifford

One arm guitar player loves to play the blues. – “Damn right I got the blues. If you love your country then gotta love the Blues.”

At age 26 Bob suffered a devastating brain hemorrhage that brought him to the ground… Bob was left fully paralyzed on the left side of his body. Recovery was very slow… It took months of hard work, but eventually Bob fought his way out of a wheelchair after enduring a lot of physical therapy with pure determination… at age 50 Bob thought he’d at least try to play with one hand. It was a long, slow, and painful process… His one handed playing required heavy gauge strings and lots of hand pressure which resulted in painful deep cuts on his fingertips which he combats with surgical tape.  After a lot of practice he started going to open mic nights which brought back memories from those early years…

Sounds Like: Albert Collins, Albert King, Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, Freddie King

“Old School Blues” #music

Paolo Bidols ~ MS

hi, this is Paul from Venice – Italy

I just got into your site and suddenly i feel less alone. In fact i have MS, i’m on wheelchair and I play my music. Before meeting MS I used to sing in rock bands jumping up and down the stage, then in a moment I thought I could never be playing again.

Instead, that was not an end but just a new beginning of something better. it’s so good to see other people showing what music can really do!




Chazz demeyer A disabled musician (spinal chord) for over thirty years, and for the life of me I do not know why it took so many years to seek others in a similar condition. After all this time I have finally gotten around to writing and singing about it. I have a new CD (Recovery) and a new book (The Fire Within) recently released.

Chazz demeyer was born in Chicago in 1951.  Starting on the accordion, and quickly becoming a keyboard player, the 60’s and 70’s music culture lured him away before he graduated high school. At the age of sixteen he left home to travel and record with Friend and Lover, famous for their national hit “Reach Out Of The Darkness”. When the first production of “Hair” came to Chicago, Chazz was the lead pianist for the shows run.  Soon after he joined folk star Bonnie Koloc, co-wrote several songs on her self titled album and toured Europe with her.  When Kevin Cronin first left REO Speed Wagon he hired Chazz’s local band to launch his solo career.  Chazz has also co-written several songs for the Siegel Schwall Blues Band. It is these bands and song writers he performed behind that has shaped his writing styles, for they all had one thing in common, they were story tellers.

At the age of 24, things took a turn for the worse:  he suffered a severe spinal cord injury in an auto accident.  He recovered enough movement to be a proficient one handed keyboard player and had quite a few good years playing Mini Moog bass with local bands, but honestly playing bass never satisfied his soul.  Disabled, but determined, Chazz returned to school at the age of forty, received his Bachelor’s in Business and created a comfortable life for himself and his family, but there was still something missing, music.

The decision to become a successful song writer 33 years after his accident is undoubtedly the most difficult and rewarding challenge he has encountered. In 2007 he built his home studio and in one year recorded his debut album “Recovery” and wrote his memoir “The Fire Within”.  In October of 2009 he is releasing his second album, “Vampire Love”.  Song after song his skills, techniques and song writing improve.  His goal is to place his songs with other performers and write for film and television, but like every musician, he awaits the day the world applauds him as an artist.

Leroy F Moore Jr. Writer, advocate and journalist on issues and art involving disabled people of color. Leroy was born in Buffalo, NY in 1967 with Cerebral Palsy. “Krip-Hop displays the beauty and strength of collaboration and disabled music history, present and future.” Leroy is one of the leading voices in the field of police brutality and wrongful incarceration of people with disabilities. Leroy Moore Interviews  Disabled Hip-Hop Artist Keith Jones: FEZO


Krip-Hop Nation came from my experiences as a young Black disabled boy growing up in the late 1970’s and 80’s in a White suburb of Connecticut. Always being the only Black disabled youth in almost everything I did from special education to being mainstreamed, from playing with White non-disabled kids in my neighborhood to my early days in activism with my parents, to my many years of volunteering in disability non-profits to college classes In all of these experiences I always had the same question: Where were the other people who looked like me as a Black disabled young man? Full article at: KRIP-HOP NATIONon Facebook.


Music From the Motherland

I told my mother when I was in my early teenage years that I wanted to go to Africa to see my brothers and sisters with disabilities, knowing that at that time Apartheid was the law of the land in South Africa.  I was interested in how people with disabilities lived during those times.  Well I m almost 40 and I still haven t traveled to the Motherland but the need to be in the Motherland is even bigger today with a  new focus of mine: Black disabled musicians and their contributions in the music industry.

I have been writing, studying, lecturing and listening to Black disabled musicians from the US for some time now, from Blues to Hip-Hop, and it is a fascinating and wide open field that needs more scholars, books, study and public discourse.  Knowing that my roots go back to Africa, I m in the process, with others, of opening this new  box I call, Black disabled music, beyond the boarders of America and in the process of realizing that Black disabled music is not new but is has survived, grown, written of in books and is being embraced by local music industry today.

Leroy on

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by – Leroy F. Moore, Jr.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tracy Marie: Performer, vocalist, and songwriter – Dysplasia and Osteoarthritis – Genre: Blues, Rock, & Country

Tracy Marie: Finding your Inner Musician
by Derek Mortland (by permission)

Performer, vocalist, and songwriter Tracy Marie infuses her music with energy, enthusiasm, and eclecticism. She has been performing live on the Cleveland, Ohio, music scene for over a decade, including organizing the Breast Fest at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a benefit concert of female performers to help raise funds for breast cancer prevention.

In listening to her first two CD offerings, Sheik European Assassin Woman ©2000, and The One in the Sun ©2003, I found Tracy singing everything from hard-driving rock and roll to country, and even heartfelt ballads. She is in the process of working on her third release, tentatively titled True Blue. Tracy stretches her wings and infuses her new music with the soul of Chicago Style Blues, an ironic new love.

Tracy has had both hips replaced and credits the surgeries with improving her mobility and limp. On a normal day, though, she has problems standing for more than 5-10 minutes before pain sets in because of the dysplasia and osteoarthritis. In spite of that, she prefers to perform standing, commenting that something about performing allows her to remain on her feet for an hour without feeling pain.

To accommodate her disability, she usually has an assistant or two help her with equipment and set-up for performances. She would rather pay for someone to assist her than let her disability determine what she can do. She does not want to compromise her music or creativity in this way. “I have more knowledge and understanding of life than what I would have without my disability. Friends of mine seem to grow sad as they get older and get arthritis or other ailments. For me, this is all I’ve ever known, and I’m still happy.”

Tracy states that she has seen both sides of the fence. Although there may be certain prejudices that exist against people with disabilities, especially as performers, she says there are prejudices against people because they look good too. Her disability is not always visible or apparent to people; she says that people have also doubted her abilities because of her perceived beauty.

“It’s all about your view and how you look at things. You can always think of reasons why you didn’t get a gig or a performance, but you may not know the real reasons. Don’t give up, and don’t let one opinion ruin you. Reject the rejections, and move on to the next person.”

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